Miller High Life And Planters Transformed The Nutmobile Into A Dive Bar

Lovers of the classic dive bar experience can now enjoy it in the most iconic 26-foot-long peanut-shaped vehicle: the Planter's Nutmobile. The result of a partnership between Miller High Life and Planters, the Nuttiest Dive Bar has all of the classic dive bar trappings from the tacky-chic artwork to the Tiffany knock-off glass lampshades. As for the refreshments, expect the champagne of beer, that ultimate dive bar swill, served ice-cold alongside an assortment of Planters nuts, the epitome of the salty bar snack.

According to Miller High Life, this bookable bar is stationed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home of Miller beer. While channeling the dive bar aesthetic — dim lighting, 70s wood paneling, and even a drop ceiling riddled with fake one-dollar bills — the Nuttiest Dive Bar also offers bar games, like corn hole and darts, and a selfie wall where customers can commemorate their time in the Nutmobile. Meanwhile, a peanut-shaped jukebox will churn out tunes and a nut machine will pop out free warmed nuts to pair with the aforementioned cold beer.

A dive bar walks into a Nutmobile

This is the second time that Miller High Life has made a prominent salute to dive bar culture, as they collaborated with Tipsy Scoop for an ice cream dive bar treat that swirled beer, salty peanuts, tobacco, and candy together. With the Nutmobile partnership, Miller High Life is again doubling down on its association as the beer of choice for the budget-conscious connoisseur, a designation the company has embraced since the early 2000s, according to Men's Journal. Heck, it's even one of David Chang's favorite cheap beers.

For those looking to get in on this nutty, rolling dive bar, reservations open up on June 16 for friends and family to book a 90-minute slot during the bar's 4-day tenure, running from July 9 through July 12. How much for the price of admission? Per the press release, it'll be roughly equivalent to a jar of Planters peanuts.

If you can't make a reservation, don't panic. Miller High Life is launching a nationwide sweepstakes that allows fans a chance to bring the nutty dive bar experience home with a year of free Miller beer and Planters peanuts. And, if you want to get your hands on a piece of "Nuttiest Dive Bar" merchandise, Miller High Life is offering that as well with limited edition t-shirts, hoodies, bottle openers, hats, and even a deluxe Planters and Miller High Life neon sign, available on the company website.