Miller High Life Is Honoring The Dive Bar With New Ice Cream Collab

Here's a mash-up we didn't see coming: To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar, Miller High Life is partnering with Tipsy Scoop to create a limited-time beer-infused frozen snack. Here's the hook: Miller High Life embraces its reputation as a popular choice among dive bar patrons (via Men's Journal), so why not celebrate ice cream bars by creating a dive-bar-inspired flavor?

Incorporating the sensory experiences associated with entering a real-life dive bar — defined in a Miller High Life press announcement as old, sticky, dim, and smoky — the Ice Cream Dive Bar takes those elements and incorporates them into what sounds like a pretty delicious adult beverage-based ice cream treat. You won't find the unexpected combo on the roster when your neighborhood ice cream truck makes its rounds — it packs an adults-only punch with 5% ABV — but it might tickle your tastebuds enough to imbibe. The result of Miller High Life's collaboration with Tipsy Scoop is a boozy blend of premium ice cream with a peanut swirl, a hint of tobacco, a caramel swirl, and a pop of carbonated candy all wrapped up in a dark chocolate coating.

A booze-infused history

The Miller High Life collaboration with the New York-based ice cream company comes the same year as the centennial of the Klondike bar. The New York-based company also has something in common with the 100-year legacy of the ice cream bar. Although Miller High Life didn't make the connection clear in its press announcement, we're guessing the centennial celebration that inspired the collaboration is probably the 100th anniversary of the first patent awarded for an ice cream bar (via Smithsonian Institution Online Virtual Archives) and when the Klondike Bar started being sold (per CNN).

According to CNBC, Melissa Tavss, founder of Tipsy Scoop, comes from a long line of ice cream makers. Her great-grandfather was a bigwig in Great Britain's Ice Cream Alliance, a trade association for British ice cream manufacturers and retailers. Tavss started playing around with making ice cream in 2013, using a Cuisinart ice cream maker in her home kitchen. A few recipes she tried called for a dash of alcohol to mitigate iciness.

That kitchen experiment along with inspiration turned into a full-fledged business when Tavss started marketing booze-infused ice cream. With three New York locations and distribution through Goldbelly, Tipsy Scoop's menu features flavors like coconut margarita and cake batter vodka martini (via Tipsy Scoop). The Ice Cream Dive Bar, its limited-time collaboration with Miller High Life, is available starting August 15 via online order or in person at Tiny Scoop's New York City locations.