You Shouldn't Ask Your Bartender To Make A 'Strong' Drink. Here's Why

It's a buzzing Friday night, and the drinks are flowing. The bar's packed, and the craving for another boozy sip isn't subsiding. Let's keep the good times rolling by ordering a cocktail strong — more alcohol in a glass and value per dollar, right? As it turns out, that's definitely a move not to do at a bar. 

First, it's not going to cut any costs — you'll certainly get charged more for a stiffer pour. And having an extra liquor shot in your mixed drink isn't going to do any favors for your taste buds, either. Like a dish at a delicious restaurant, cocktails are meticulously tinkered with and tested. That extra tequila or whiskey shot will likely make the entire drink fall apart, yielding an unbalanced mess that poorly represents a bar. And don't expect just an extra smidge of liquor either — while a bartender's pours may seem free-flowing, they're actually laser precise. Don't fear, though. There are other routes to get more notes of liquor on your taste buds that still allow for an enjoyable experience.

Ask for a spirit-forward cocktail for a stronger alcoholic note

Requesting a drink extra strong rescrambles an already established formula. However, asking for a spirit-forward beverage denotes the cocktail's flavor rather than the content. Such cocktails typically don't contain any more alcohol; rather, the booze is more prominent on the palate — think an Old Fashioned, Negroni, Ti' Punch, and more. Such a strategy also applies to classic mixed drinks, like rum and coke. Ask for a rum-forward interpretation, meaning there will be less mixer, showcasing the rum's boozier notes.

And if that's still not doing the trick, order a shot of straight liquor instead. Many cocktail bars have a spirit specialty, whether it's gin, tequila, whiskey, or something else. So don't fear missing out on something unique since the bartender can recommend a liquor not readily available. Remember, the staff is there to improve your experience, so don't feel guilty expressing your needs. Just don't go against the bar's methods since they're in place to help you have a good time.