15 Best Coffee Shops In Portland, Ranked

Portland, Oregon, is renowned for its coffee scene. Most coffee shops in Portland prioritize locally-roasted beans and ethical sourcing, featuring fair trade, organic, or direct-trade practices. Every cup tells a story of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, ensuring your morning routine feels as good as it tastes. Many coffee shops in Portland roast their own beans instead of sourcing them from local roasteries. 

Of course, a good coffee shop is more than just the quality of the coffee. To make this list, coffee shops need to have skilled baristas who know how to showcase the bean's flavor, whether they're making a straight shot of espresso or a custom beverage. It's also important to have options for non-coffee drinkers, like housemade chai or ceremonial-grade matcha. 

Another thing we'll look for is the ambiance. Our favorite coffee shops have a cozy vibe and a comfortable environment, suitable for casual meetups and open seating for those studying or working remotely. Finally, being a part of the community is also essential in Portland. Any coffee shop that fosters an inviting atmosphere and creates a sense of belonging goes a long way with the locals.

15. Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava means unroasted or "green" coffee, which is a fitting name for a company that commits to sourcing its beans directly from coffee farmers. Coava Coffee Roasters strongly emphasizes fair trade practices and is interested in establishing long-term relationships with its farmers. The beans are showcased as single-origin roasts that allow drinkers to taste the complexity of the beans in each growing region. You won't find a lot of fancy lattes here, but you don't need to; the coffee is good enough to stand on its own, so we recommend going with a pour-over to really taste the beans.

Beyond the exceptional coffee, we love Coava's rustic-modern aesthetic. Think industrial meets chic, as wooden accents pair with concrete flooring to give the room an industrial vibe. The flagship location has a roll-up garage door that brings in the patio feels inside for summertime sipping. Meanwhile, the Hawthorne location is complete with a fireplace, so it's a cozy spot for a chilly, rainy Portland winter day.

14. Lionheart Coffee Company

The suburbs need good coffee shops too, and Lionheart Coffee Company has captured the hearts of those living on Portland's westside. It has locations in Beaverton and Tigard, but we especially appreciate the downtown Beaverton location for its abundance of seating for those looking for a place to work for the day. It's also a great place to enjoy beautiful weather because of its access to a large patio area. 

Lionheart may not roast its own beans, but it is committed to curating beans from local roasters. You'll find brewed coffee, single-origin espresso, pour-overs, and lattes on the menu, but our favorite is the cold brew served from a nitro tap. The drink has a creamy and luscious texture, and it looks gorgeous with a swirl of milk. 

Lionheart features different coffee roasters on a rotating basis, but it exclusively serves Oregon-roasted coffee. If you're looking for more consistency, look to the Lionheart Blend, created by Portland micro-roastery Junior's Roasted Coffee. We also like that this location has an expanded food menu and serves a decent selection of beer and wine all day.

13. Upper Left Roasters

Nestled in the northwest corner of Ladd's Addition is Upper Left Roasters, one of our favorite coffee shops for an all-day work session. Depending on the day, you may catch them roasting coffee in the corner of the shop. The single-origin roasts highlight the company's seed-to-cup philosophy, and you can taste the authenticity with every sip. For something beyond the ordinary, check out the signature beverages. These can range from maple and spice-infused hot drinks in the winter to iced ube lattes in the summertime.

The interior blends modern elegance with cozy charm, featuring a bright space filled with ample natural light. The terra-cotta pendant lights hanging from the ceilings and the abundance of plants give the space a patio feel. There's plenty of seating here, too, so you don't need to worry about taking up space if you're staying for a while. The comfortable environment feels like a bonus when it comes time to order. Upper Left has one of the best food menus around, from tasty pastries to the more substantial lox toast or Turkish eggs.

12. Good Coffee

You'll find Good Coffee at six locations throughout Portland (including the airport). Each location offers its own unique atmosphere, blending the brand's commitment to high-quality drinks with the distinct character of the surrounding neighborhood. Some of the locations have an outdoor seating space as well, which is perfect for hot Portland summer days. (Yes, the sun does shine in Portland from time to time!) As you order, pay particular attention to the seasonal specials. These lattes feature unique ingredients like sarsaparilla, smoked cardamom, salted honey, or hojicha vanilla.

Beyond Good Coffee's commitment to ethical sourcing and quality roasting techniques, we love the company's community focus. With its Common Good project, Good Coffee selects a worthy organization and packages a coffee blend designated to support that community resource. It donates 20% of the proceeds of that blend directly to the organization. To support the project, look for the bags labeled "A Common Good Project" or ask the barista for more information.

11. Push x Pull Coffee

Push x Pull says it's not a coffee shop, but instead, it's "a feel good, do good place for people to eat, drink, and be." It's that mentality that makes Push x Pull's southeast location one of our favorite places to frequent when we're in the mood for some good coffee. And the coffee is fantastic because of Push x Pull's natural processing technique, utilizing an old form of coffee production. 

The difference between washed coffee vs. natural is that the latter dries the coffee fruit naturally in the sun without detaching the skin and pulp from the seed. This gives the coffee a fruitier taste and an acidic, sour note that occurs as the fruit ferments in the sun.

You'll find ample workspace inside Push x Pull, from the long communal table that runs the center of the shop to the bar stools that line the floor-to-ceiling windows. The environment is light and bright, thanks to all that natural light and the turquoise and wood motif. Don't sleep on trying its bolos while you're there. These Portuguese rolls look like English muffins but have a slightly sweet taste, and a locally-baked bolo is featured here as one of our favorite breakfast sandwiches in the city.

10. La Perlita

La Perlita exclusively sells Reforma Coffee, a coffee roasting company that started as a way to raise money for DACA recipients. Owner Angel Medina owns the coffee shop, the roastery, and República (a popular Portland restaurant). Medina spent time in Mexico's coffee-growing regions before opening his businesses, so he gained an appreciation of Mexican coffee. Reforma does roast beans from other areas, but we recommend starting with the Mexican beans, an area where the roastery really shines.

The menu at La Perlita looks very different from most coffee shops. Instead of finding lattes and cappuccinos, you'll find drinks labeled as negro (drip coffee), con leche, or cortadito — an espresso with milk to make it Mexican or condensed milk to make it Cuban. If this is your first visit, you definitely want to try the True Mexican Mocha, an espresso made with milk, chocolate, and magic. The powdered hibiscus and shaved chocolate look gorgeous on top of the drink, and this combination is the best way to taste the depth of Mexican beans.

9. Deadstock Coffee

Deadstock Coffee set up shop in Portland because it's the sneaker capital of the world, and the crew here is seriously into sneakers. Ask the barista, and you can get a shoe stenciled onto any drink with steamed milk. The vibe here is a mixture of music, art, and kicks. Deadstock is also pretty serious about its coffee, which it has been roasting in-house since 2017. While you're waiting for your drink, browse its extensive selection of merch, from mugs and stickers to hoodies and hats.

You won't find a drink menu here, so come in ready to have a conversation with the barista on duty. Tell them what you're in the mood for, and they'll create a signature drink. Just remember that Deadstock doesn't do pour-overs or blended drinks — it's part of the anti-coffee snob culture. If you're totally lost, ask about the seasonal drinks or the house specialties. Our particular favorite is the Lebronald Palmer, a combination of Southern-style sweet tea, lemonade, and cold brew coffee.

8. Tov Coffee

Portland is home to many food trucks, so it's no surprise that one of our favorite coffee shops in Portland isn't a brick-and-mortar establishment. Tov Coffee serves Egyptian- and Turkish-style coffees out of a bright red double-decker bus, making it one of the most unique coffee shops on this list. 

You'll order your drinks on the first level of the bus and head upstairs to enjoy them. The combination of the space's eclectic decor and the drink presentation on gold-plated, brightly decorated platters will transport you to another country. We love the dark-roasted Turkish coffee here, but it's hard to stay away from the sweet, velvety chocolate milk cappuccino called the Chocolate Jesus. 

For a completely unexpected (but welcoming) combination, opt for the Mint Thing, a cold brew coffee topped with mint syrup. No matter what you order, keep in mind that seating is limited, so this is not the place to go for an all-day work session or an extended chat with friends.

7. Electrica Coffee

Not all coffee shop goers drink coffee, so we're thrilled with cafes like Electric Coffee that place bold emphasis on tea. In a video on the company's Instagram page, owner Seiji Nanbu speaks of his heritage — half Mexican, half Japanese — as the inspiration to open the shop. You'll find six drinks on the coffee menu, ranging from cafecitos and con leches to a pour-over made with Mexican roasted beans. For a true Mexico experience, we recommend adding the café de olla flavor to your cafe con leche.

Electrica also celebrates Japanese tea, so matcha and Japanese sencha take a prominent focus on the menu. Make sure to ask the barista about the seasonal offerings, too. It's hard to go wrong with the bright-blue butterfly pea matcha when they have it in stock. There's plenty of seating to enjoy your coffee, tea, or pastries here, too. We love the rustic look of the exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and metal chairs (don't worry, there's a comfy cushion on top of that chair).

6. Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia — a name that translates to "our family" in Portuguese — is known for its direct trade practices and focus on developing strong relationships with coffee farmers. In the beginning, all its beans were imported from the family farms of the owner and Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro. Today, it has expanded its reach to roast coffee from all around the world while maintaining its commitment to ethical sourcing.

There are four Nossa Familia locations throughout Portland, all exhibiting a rustic-chic look that makes you feel at home from the minute you walk through the doors. When it comes time to order, we recommend the cafézinho for first-time visitors. 

This Brazilian-style espresso is served with hot water and raw sugar, and it's a fantastic way to taste the nuances of the coffee beans. For a sweeter experience, try the Bee Sting Latte made with honey and spice blend. Of course, you can't go wrong with adding the store's signature chocolate espresso whipped cream to any coffee drink, either.

5. Cafe Zamora

The story of Cafe Zamora is one about reaching for your dreams until they come true. Guatemalan-born owner, Hector Mejía Zamora, opened Cafe Zamora as an ode to his parents. His father dreamed of a system that expanded profits for farmers and roasters by cutting out the middleman, but he passed away before he could put his plan into action.

After his father's death, Zamora continued to work on the family-owned coffee plantation until he could come to the United States. He was driving for Lyft when he met two important people: One who helped him broker a deal for selling his green beans to a Guatemalan roaster and another who was the landlord of the building where Cafe Zamora eventually opened.

The no-frills coffee shop doesn't have the fancy design of some larger coffee shops, but it's a comfortable space. What this coffee shop is really all about is tasting the passion and dedication in each sip. The flavor of the coffee itself is unmatched, especially when combined with Topo Chico for a refreshing coffee soda. During Covid, Cafe Zamora opened one of the best patio spaces in southeast Portland, too.

4. Never Coffee

We fell in love with Never Coffee's eclectic vibe long before we had our first sip of its innovative lattes. Both of its locations boast bright, vibrant interiors that radiate warmth, even on the rainiest Portland day. Think whitewashed walls, colorful murals, and rainbow-colored coffee mugs lining the espresso machine. Both locations have outdoor picnic table seating, which is a fantastic overflow when the weather is nice.

Never roasts its coffee beans in-house, which are available to-go in colorful bags that make up the rainbow when stacked next to each other. But what sets Never Coffee Lab apart is its dedication to pushing the boundaries. In addition to the classic set of cafe offerings, you'll find new and exciting flavor profiles in its creative combinations.

Some of its signature drinks include the Pop matcha with tart cherry and makrut lime, a yuzu fruit-infused latte, the Midnight Oil (coffee blended with fennel seed, star anise, black licorice), and an Oregon latte loaded with hops and dulce de leche.

3. Sterling Coffee

When you're in the mood for a pure coffee experience, Sterling Coffee is the place to go. What started with a little stand next to Trader Joe's turned into what is arguably Portland's greatest coffee roaster. Attention to detail is poured into every cup, so much so that espresso flights are served in Glencairn whisky glasses. 

It feels like there is a little coffee snobbery going on here — the baristas all wear ties, and they'll be quick to tell you how ordering espresso to-go changes the flavor of the coffee in an undesirable manner. That said, everyone here is so friendly, and we've never felt out of place or intimidated to ask questions about the coffee-roasting process.

Despite the coffee's refined nature, the space here is surprisingly homey. The high ceilings allow the neighboring conversations to bounce around you as you enjoy the warm, plant-filled space. Sterling is a good destination if you also have non-coffee drinkers in the group. The chai is made in-house, the matcha tea is ceremony-grade, and the hot chocolate is so rich it's basically a dessert.

2. Puff Coffee

Puff Coffee describes itself as an "itsy bitsy" coffee roaster. That description makes sense, considering that any coffee operation would probably feel small to owner Duane Sorenson, who previously founded coffee mega-giant Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 

Two years after selling his coffee company to Peet's coffee parent company, JAB Holding Company, Sorenson was ready to get back into roasting coffee and opened this small, independent coffee roaster. A few years later, he opened a small coffee shop in southeast Portland to showcase the roasted beans.

The coffee shop looks a little out of place from the outside. The jet-black painted building looks like it's sprung up from the concrete sidewalk, with a small wood addition on the side housing covered outdoor seating. In addition to outdoor seats, there are a few bar-style seats along the windows inside where you can enjoy Puff's cold brew, espresso, and lattes. 

We love its mushroom latte for its earthy character. It's magical, but not that type of magical — although Sorenson was working on a limited-edition psilocybin-infused coffee in Seattle.

1. Futura Coffee Roasters

If you've spent time with an organic farmer, you've probably heard about sustainable agricultural practices like soil regeneration. Regenerative agriculture is a key holistic philosophy that keeps future generations in mind as farmers work on their techniques. For Futura Coffee Roasters, that means working with coffee farmers that work towards keeping biodiverse ecosystems on their farms to keep the soil rich with nutrients. 

You can taste all that hard work in the coffee; everything here is fantastic, even the drip coffee. The environment inside the shop is warm and welcoming, filled with natural light and plenty of plants to make you feel at home. Have a seat at the bar to watch the baristas at work, grab a table to get some work done, settle down in a cushy chair for a leisurely chat with friends, or enjoy the sun — when available — on the picnic tables outside. 

If you're hungry, the sourcing on the food menu is just as intentional: The rolls are from Portland's Dos Hermanos Baker, the bacon from Campfire Farms (a regenerative family farm in Oregon), and the salmon from Tutuilla True Fish Company — an indigenous-owned and operated Oregon fishery. Don't sleep on the carrot miso; this vegetarian-friendly "bacon" tastes almost as good as the real thing.