Greek Yogurt Is The Key To Delicious Protein-Packed Baked Potatoes

Just when you think you can't take baked potatoes to the next level any more than you already have, a new switch-up enters the chat. Get ready to top your next oven-baked spuds with dollops of Greek yogurt. Though the thick, strained ingredient lacks the exact tang of sour cream, it makes up for any absence in taste by offering extra servings of protein with each creamy bite. 

If you are craving a more flavorful topping to spoon on top of your baked potatoes, stir smoked paprika or freshly chopped herbs into the Greek yogurt before adding it to your plate. For a creamier, cheesier option, follow Ina Garten's advice and mix the Greek yogurt with feta to make a whipped dip that melts on top of your steaming taters. After trying the easy ingredient swap, your next batch of chili and cheese nachos may also find themselves underneath spoonfuls of thick yogurt topping, and you may be replacing mayonnaise with Greek yogurt the next time you assemble tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. 

Up your protein intake with flavorful recipes

Want to add more tang to the yogurt? Consider mixing in splashes of lemon or lime juice to create a more sour flavor profile for your dish. You can also blend the yogurt with heavy cream before adding the citrus, and taste as you mix to ensure you're happy with the results. Not only will yogurt-topped potatoes pack texture and nutrition, but the added ingredient can also enhance that twice-baked potatoes recipe you've been working carefully to perfect.

If you happen to have leftover Greek yogurt at your disposal, set it aside to make extra creamy homemade froyo to serve for dessert. Plus, for those adhering to lactose-free diets, Greek yogurt contains less lactose than sour cream, adding yet another benefit for making the ingredient swap during your next baked potato night. Who would have thought meeting your daily protein intake could be so easy — and taste this good.