This Game-Changing Trick Will Take Your Baked Potatoes To The Next Level

If you're not careful, baked potatoes can be kind of sad even though they are seemingly so simple to make. While you can easily wrap them in aluminum foil and stick them in the oven, there is a method that will majorly change the outcome of your baked potatoes and it's all thanks to a British technique.

Those who love to eat the inside of the baked potato and then dress the skins with their favorite toppings will find that this trick really amps up the overall effect with an ultra crispy skin. According to The Kitchn, Brit Joanna Goddard, who is behind the blog "A Cup of Jo," explains that you should skip the foil and even the olive oil on the skin for a super simple baked potato. All you really need to do is slice it down the middle (both length and width), then place the potato directly on the rack to bake at a high temperature of 400 F for the crispest skins.

You can add this to your technique for an even better baked potato

According to The Guardian, you can even raise the temperature as high as about 430 F for a quick bake with an extra-crispy skin. But the publication also suggests that the very best baked potato recipe calls for seasoning the spud before it even goes in the oven. To do so, The Guardian recommends rolling the potato in salt to coat the skin just after washing it well so the salt sticks to the skin. This will allow the skin to absorb some of the salt and give the baked potato great flavor.

So, try these tricks the next time you bake potatoes for the best ones you've likely ever had at home. You may find that these crispy and perfectly baked potatoes are the best vessels yet for all of your delicious toppings like bacon bits, cheese, sour cream, and chives.