The Unusual Ingredient For Smoother Coconut Macaroons

Biting into a sweet, chewy coconut macaroon is one of life's simple pleasures. With a slightly textured crunch leading into the soft, moist interior of shredded and dried pieces of coconut, these bite-sized joys are delicious when served alongside a hot cup of your favorite mid-afternoon coffee or tea. Yet for the softest, smoothest coconut macaroon recipe around, you may want to consider adding one unexpected ingredient: baby food.

Baby food is already puréed and whipped to the max, offering that perfectly fluffy and smooth consistency that can not only elevate your next frozen margarita but also help you make some of the tastiest coconut macaroons you've ever set your hands on. Using only a few teaspoons, your typical macaroon recipe will be transformed from an average tea-time delight into a treat that will require some serious fortitude in order to not eat the entire batch in one sitting.

The smoothest bites for tea time

As you add spoonfuls of baby food to the batter to make coconut macaroons, keep an eye on your mixture to create the perfect consistency to be set into the oven. Mix baby food in slowly, and if you happen to go overboard and your batter appears to be watery and runny, pour in more dried coconut to thicken your creation. 

Once you've tried one batch of coconut macaroons with the added ingredient, you can experiment with your next baker's dozen using different flavors of baby food. Fruit-forward servings like banana, peach, strawberry, and pear can add subtle flavors to a standard macaroon recipe, and that same smooth bite will hold, regardless of the kind of baby food you've chosen to include. 

Finish your macaroons with a light dusting of powdered sugar or cinnamon. Or, simply enjoy the spongy texture straight out of the oven for a sweet and comforting tasting experience that will be difficult to resist.