13 Best Foodie TikTokers To Follow In 2023

If you just plugged the word "food" into the search bar on TikTok, you would find an absolute black hole of results. Hundreds of thousands of people make content surrounding food and drinks, and we have to say, though there are plenty of good accounts out there, we want to focus on some of the best of the best. Who are the top foodie TikTokers to follow in 2023? After all, your favorite creator you adored in 2020 may just not be making content that often anymore, and you probably need some influencers to fill that void.

We get it, so we've put together an ultimate list of creators to follow who all share one universal passion (and content focus) — food and drinks. Some of these folks are home chefs living their best lives and making food that excites them, while others have their own cookbooks and share their passion for food on the app.

Everyone has their own niche in the food space, so whether you're looking for every cocktail recipe ever, or you're curious about what it's like to run a bakery, these foodie TikTokers have you covered.

Meredith Hayden - @wishbonekitchen

One of our favorite foodie TikTokers is Meredith Hayden, also known as @wishbonekitchen. There is so much to talk about with Meredith. She's a professional private chef and content creator living in New York City (her current apartment has some gorgeous natural light), and during the summers she travels to the Hamptons with her clients to cook for them. Meredith gets to use their beautiful garden for fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs to make beautiful, colorful meals. She loves her summer ramps, Calabrian chiles, and making food fun. And, oh, did we mention her main client is Joseph Altuzarra and his family? Yes, that's the same Altuzarra as the high-end fashion label.

And the very reason we know and love all of this about Meredith's life is that she posts day-in-the-life videos (and more) on her TikTok account. If you've ever wanted to be a private chef and are curious about what that entails (at least for the freelance route), Meredith shows you the ins and outs, while having a little sodie (soda) on the side, as she should. Her personality is also very engaging, and even though she shows you long, in-depth day-in-the-life videos of being a private chef, she typically does a voice-over on top of the video explaining her day. The food is gorgeous, the Hamptons are gorgeous, and Meredith is a top-tier foodie content creator in our book.

Jeremy Scheck - @scheckeats

Recently graduated from Cornell University, Jeremy Scheck decided to follow his passion after college and pursue a career in food. While he was still a student, Jeremy started making food-centered videos on TikTok, some even being about the best meals to make in college for students (and he's a real one for that). On his main account @scheckeats, Jeremy posts personal recipes that are perfect for dinner parties or nights in, but if you love following the person behind the food, he also has his own personal account where he talks more about his day-to-day life outside of food (that username is simply @scheck).

Jeremy is straightforward with his content, and boy, does he know how to cook. And if you've ever wondered about what it's like to put together a cookbook, now is a great time to follow Jeremy, as he's in the middle of putting his own together. He sometimes posts behind-the-scenes snippets of recipe developing and getting the perfect shot for the book, and as a cookbook lover, it's fascinating to watch.

Emily Mariko - @emilymariko

She's more than the viral salmon rice bowl. If you're looking for the most put-together and kindest person to follow, it's Emily Mariko. Back in 2021, she originally went ultra-viral for her favorite lunch, the salmon rice bowl, where she smashed together leftover heated-up rice, leftover heated-up salmon, Kewpie mayo, and sriracha, and topped the bowl with things like avocado and kimchi. This foodie favorite is still associated with her account today (she did make it every week for, like, a year), but she's so much more than that.

Emily's style of videos is very calming and therapeutic. She shows weekly farmers market hauls from her local market, makes elaborate Thanksgiving meals each year to inspire her followers with creative meals, and posts very consistently about her meals each day.

With a home base in the Bay Area, a gorgeous wedding coming up soon, and beautiful meals gracing your feed, what's not to love?

Brooke Saward - @brookibakehouse

If you've ever wondered what they're up to in the land Down Under, now you know: They're baking the best darn cakes, cookies, macarons, and more. Brooke Saward, owner of the Brooki Bakehouse in Australia, films day-in-the-life videos at her bakery, and they are both inspiring and drool-worthy. We honestly don't know how she does so much in one day. She's decorating heart-shaped cakes, shaping hundreds of oversized cookies, piping macarons, and packaging mail cookie orders. And it's not just the baked goods that are beautiful — this bakery is stunning. Marble countertops and high ceilings, along with the plethora of viral videos, lead to this bakery selling out of its cookies every day.

If you're one of those people who hop on TikTok for some life inspiration and motivation, @brookibakehouse will give you that and more. Brooke's lifelong dream was to open a bakery, as she's mentioned in several videos, and it's so inspiring to see someone chase their ambition and have it work out even better than they planned. And for those now craving some chocolate chip cookies, you can order some to be delivered right to your door. There's truly nothing more we could want.

Newt Nguyen - @newt

If you don't know @newt, where have you been? Newton Nguyen is one of the original foodie TikTok creators, and his journey from when he started his account to now is awesome. Newt started out by making cooking videos in his mom's house, doing funny voiceovers, and making lots of cooking jokes. Since he blew up, he's leveled up in multiple ways, from increasing the quality of his videos to getting his own place, to being one of the most well-known foodie creators on the app. Like we said, if you don't know Newt, where have you been?

Even though he's had a lot of growth since his early days, the core of his content remains. And that's why we love his videos. He doesn't always do voice-overs, but when he does, they are hilarious. And when he chooses not to do voiceovers, those videos are hilarious as well. Follow Newt for amazing commentary and quality recipes — and he even has his own hot sauce brand, too.

Joanne Molinaro - @thekoreanvegan

Voiceovers talking about personal life stories with compelling arcs on top of beautifully-shot cooking videos of Korean vegan food make this one of the most unique foodie accounts on the app. Joanne Molinaro, better known as @thekoreanvegan, used to be a lawyer before deciding to quit because she wasn't happy or passionate about it. But food, specifically Korean food that's veganized? Now, that you can tell she's passionate about. The quality of her videos is so crisp and professional that you might be shocked to find out it's not a big-shot production company putting them together.

Her food looks absolutely stunning and delicious, and she even has her own cookbook, the James Beard nominated "The Korean Vegan Cookbook." But it's not just about the food and the video quality — what really keeps people coming back to her page are the deeply personal and heartfelt voiceovers she does over the videos. She tells poignant and meaningful stories about her own life while cooking up her favorite nourishing meals, and it's that honesty that makes you feel like you're sitting in her kitchen with her.

Julianna McIntosh - @join_jules

Julianna McIntosh (@join_jules) is the destination for any cocktail or mocktail recipe you've ever wanted to try. And we mean, ever. Julianna is whipping up coffee-based cocktails, the perfect summer margaritas, and the prettiest blended mocktails you've ever seen. There are a lot of drink-based accounts you can follow on TikTok, but we love Julianna because her videos are beautiful, her drink instructions are always super clear if you want to follow the recipe, and she's just an overall fun creator to follow.

Another perk of keeping up with Julianna is that she's expanded beyond her TikTok account. She has a newsletter with drink-related content and updates, a website with an entire elaborate drink recipe database, and even a podcast she co-hosts called "The Art of Drinking." And if drinking alcohol isn't your shtick, she has plenty of mocktail and low-alcohol recipes and videos and even did a whole series of them during Dry January.

Cy Nguyen - @cylovesfrogs

The most colorful foodie account on TikTok is @cylovesfrogs, or at least that's just what we think. Cy Nguyen's videos are bright, fun, engaging, and, of course, foodie heaven. You'll love Cy's vlogs visiting Vietnam, her grocery hauls with her partner, seeing cameos from her dog, and you can't forget the stunning makeup looks she consistently pulls off. You can just tell that Cy has a passion for making food as fun as it can be, and her joy radiates on screen. Have you ever wondered what to do with those five random ingredients left in your fridge, but don't know how to turn it into a meal? Cy probably has.

Cy also typically puts fun doodles and commentary over her videos, which just add to the whimsicalness of it all. She also always includes captions on her videos, so they're accessible to everyone. One of the things we love most about Cy's videos, aside from the joy and colorfulness, are her voiceovers. That passion you see in the videos is in her voiceovers, and there's nothing left to say other than we're here for it.

Mariam Daud - @mxriyum

Mariam Daud is making the most drool-worthy food you'll find on the app — and, no, that's not an exaggeration. The account @mxriyum, run by Mariam, has the most beautiful backgrounds, lovely audios, gentle recipes, and the best vibes out there. The food all looks like something you would make in your wildest dreams, but with Mariam's tips and easy-to-follow recipes, you can create the seemingly impossible right in your home kitchen.

Some of our favorite recipes she's done are her perfect chocolate chip cookies, delicious shakshuka, and the pesto chicken pot pies. Everything she makes will make you wonder, "Why haven't I thought of that?" Well, luckily she has, so with her account, you are always covered on the prettiest foods you could think of. She even has most of them spelled out on her website for you if you'd rather read step-by-step instructions than follow along with a video.

Nigel Kabvina - @simplyni__

Who doesn't enjoy watching someone with a British accent cook it up in the kitchen? Nigel Kabvina (@simplyni__), is doing all that in an impeccably tailored suit and a perfectly crispy apron. If you don't catch our drift, he's probably the poshest and most professional chef on the app, and everyone loves his clean and aesthetic cooking videos.

What Nigel is probably most known for, though, is brunch. Yes, we know it's hard to stake a claim over an entire mealtime (the best one, to lots of people), but if you watch a few of Nigel's videos, you'll get the hype. Most videos begin with him entering the frame with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you've ever seen, which really sets the tone for the rest of the experience. Peaceful music usually plays over the natural audio of the video, so you can really hear the eggs crack and the bacon sizzling, all from the comfort of your phone.

Vivian Nguyen - @coffeebae97

Vivian Nguyen's @coffeebae97 is a very well-known coffee-focused account on TikTok, and it's pretty popular for a reason. If you think you've seen coffee videos before, think again. Take the most aesthetically pleasing coffee video you've ever seen, with the best lighting and prettiest glassware, and then combine it with humor, ingenuity, and creativity.

Take the corn coffee videos, for example. Vivian shot the most beautiful coffee video you've probably ever seen on the internet, and then went ahead and made the coffee corn themed. Yes, you heard that correctly. She put a chunk of corn on the cob in the coffee and even went so far as to flavor the coffee with corn. Who said that you couldn't, right?

Corn coffee aside, @coffeebae97's videos are always an aesthetically-pleasing delight to watch, and you should follow Vivian to experience that every time you open up the app.

Darryl Postelnick - @cookingwithdarryl

Everyone's internet dad is Darryl, and he's cooking. But for real, @cookingwithdarryl is seriously bringing the enthusiasm for cooking to TikTok. A dad with a true passion for cooking, Darryl Postelnick loves to show people how to grill, make a pizza in a legit pizza oven, and how to fend for themselves as an adult. Bring your grilling questions to Darryl's account, and we bet you there is a video on his account that answers it. Not only is he super knowledgeable about his cooking niche, but you can tell he just wants to teach people and help others be better chefs. It's wholesome content that's simple to follow and fun to watch as entertainment.

It goes beyond the grill, though — Darryl is all about his Blackstone. He hauls this huge Blackstone on top of his grill (it's a grill insert, and Darryl has a Weber, so you can easily buy one yourself that matches your grill type), and goes to town with all types of cuisine, from hibachi to smash burgers. Are you hungry now? We know we sure are.

Morgan Eckroth - @morgandrinkscoffee

If you haven't taken a gander at Morgan Eckroth's account since the early COVID-19 days, you've got a lot of catching up to do. As you probably already know, Morgan is a barista at a local coffee shop in Oregon, and she's really good at what she does, and you can see it on their account @morgandrinkscoffee. They post a lot of comedy POV skits on TikTok about what it's really like to be a barista at a local coffee shop, and the jokes are spot on, too. But since their early days on TikTok, Morgan has graduated college, gotten married, and moved on from being a barista but then quickly realized she missed it. Also, they have literally won the 2022 U.S. Barista Championships; they were a 2022 World Barista Runner-Up and a 2023 U.S. Barista Runner-Up.

It's safe to say that Morgan has accomplished much in such a short period of time, and it's all the more exciting to be along for the ride if you follow her on TikTok. And for baristas or people who just really love coffee, or if you've ever just set foot in a coffee shop, you'll relate to their content and will enjoy getting some solid coffee shop tips and seeing her train for the various barista competitions.