Kewpie Makes Salad Dressing In Addition To Its Famous Mayo

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If you've been on TikTok in the past few years, you've most likely heard of Kewpie mayo. Along with salmon, rice, and seaweed, TikTok creator Emily Mariko used the condiment to make her now-famous salmon rice bowl in a video with 7.8 million likes. While Kewpie mayo has been around long before Mariko, her video led to a huge boost in its popularity, with Instacart purchases of the sauce increasing by a staggering 155% the week after the video was posted (via Food Network).

But Kewpie is more than just a recent viral sensation. According to Bon Appétit, Kewpie mayo has been a Japanese household favorite since 1925, beloved for its rich, tangy flavor, egg yolk-only recipe, and soft, squeezy bottle. It also differs from regular American mayo, Food & Wine notes, because it lacks added sugar and preservatives, but contains a blend of vinegars and MSG. While it's now been popularized through their signature mayonnaise, Kewpie is actually a brand that makes a variety of food products, including baby food, pasta, and one delicious condiment you can use to spruce up your salads.

More than a mayo brand

On its own, Kewpie mayo can be an excellent ingredient in salad dressings, and home cooks have added it to everything from egg to chicken salads, according to The Kitchn. But why not skip straight to the real thing? Conveniently, Kewpie sells a variety of salad dressings that you can use to bring their beloved umami flavors to your kitchen. Some are reinvented classics, like their Kewpie Caesar Dressing and Kewpie Onion Dressing with Garlic, but others may introduce you to flavors found outside typical American bottles. Take the Kewpie Yuzu Kosho Dressing, for example, which is made with yuzu fruit peels and jalapenos for a sweet and spicy kick.

In fact, Bon Appétit raves about Kewpie's Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing, a versatile condiment made with sesame and soy flavors, calling it "nectar of the umami gods." They're not the only ones, as The Association for Dressings & Sauces dubbed it their 2016 Dressing of the Year, and Greatist claimed to love it even more than homemade dressings. It's not the healthiest dressing ever, notes Costcuisine, as each tablespoon contains 70 calories and 150 mg of sodium. But as Jerry Shepherd, president of Q&B Foods, said in his Dressing of the Year acceptance speech, "Our Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing and Marinade is truly delicious with a uniquely bold sesame flavor, using the highest quality non-GMO verified ingredients."

To get your hands on these mouthwatering salad dressings, check out the Kewpie website or their Amazon store.