The Disneyland Event Serious Foodies Should Attend At Least Once

Each year, adventurous foodies flock to one of the happiest places on earth to become even happier. The Food & Wine Festival hits Disney's California Adventure Park at the end of March through early April. Throughout the amusement park, food marketplaces and restaurants serve up enough dishes to keep you busy for days on end. From wine tastings and specialty cocktails to artichoke pizzette and chocolate-covered macarons shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, time passes fast as visitors scramble to try some of the best dishes available at the festival.

As told to Tasting Table, Disney California Adventure Park's Culinary Director Jeremiah Balogh is fond of the annual event and has participated in activities since 2006. "Today I have the pleasure of overseeing the operation," he explains. "The elevated experiences we bring are evident all around, every day, but it's during Disney California Adventure Park Food & Wine Festival we put on our best apron and really show off what we're all about."

Fun for the whole family

If your family has been asking to attend the Disney theme park and you haven't felt committed, this special occasion might be the reason you need to start planning a visit. In between rides and taking pictures with Disney characters, you can sample a range of small plates made with locally-grown ingredients. California citrus, assorted fruit, and avocados appear on menus, and artisanal cheeses add a touch of simple luxury. For beer lovers, local craft brews fill cups, and of course, California wineries showcase plenty of bright wines to wash everything down.

In the springtime, the park is usually colored with Tabebuia trees, so as you stroll through the resort, you'll be able to chow down under the shade of pink blooms. In addition to food kiosks and booths, visitors can watch live cooking demonstrations, listen to musical performances, and participate in arts and crafts and maker spaces throughout the park. Since it is a yearly event, it's best to plan ahead so you can make the most of your time at the festival and pace yourself accordingly for a smorgasbord of culinary delights. And one last tip from Balogh, if you're able to, attend with "fellow foodies" to make the most out of the Disney dining experience.