20 Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles, Ranked

A cup of joe is perhaps the most classic and universally loved morning ritual shared by people all across the globe. While some people refuse to give up on their Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts order, branching out and trying locally owned and independent coffee shops can open your eyes to the magical world of quality coffee. Whether you stick with a simple cold brew to get your day going or you prefer a milky latte, coffee is far more complex than most people realize.

Los Angeles has some of the best restaurants in the country, and the city is also known for being full of quality coffee shops for every kind of personality. From hipster hotspots in East LA to modern cafes on the Westside, finding a cool coffee shop to work from is not hard in the City of Angels. That said, since there are so many options and competitors, we've rounded up the 20 best coffee shops so you can get your caffeine fix ASAP!

20. Alfred

Despite being incredibly trendy and very "LA," Alfred is known for making some pretty solid brews. There are locations scattered all throughout the city from Malibu to LA's Koreatown. The original Alfred opened up on Melrose Place before quickly expanding and becoming a trendy coffee shop on social media and a celebrity favorite. Everyone from the Kardashians to Nick Jonas has been spotted at Alfred.

That said, while trendy spots don't always serve the best food and drink, Alfred remains pretty consistent and hasn't lost sight of the importance of quality goods. The iced vanilla latte is one of the most popular drinks, but if you're looking for a bit of zen with your caffeine boost, order the iced lavender latte. Depending on which location you visit, Alfred also has breakfast items like bagels and cream cheese, breakfast sandwiches, yogurt and granola, and breakfast burritos.

19. Primo Passo Coffee Co.

Located off Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Primo Passo Coffee Co. is a modern coffee shop that sells everything from iced matcha to classic cappuccinos. Despite being sleek and aesthetic, this locally loved coffee shop has a neighborhood feel, and you'll always find people hard at work on their laptops while getting their caffeine fix. Coffee is definitely the star of the show here, but Primo Passo also serves some tasty pastries and sweets.

The shop opens at 6:30 a.m. every morning, catering to all of the early risers who can't seem to function without their daily brew. While quality cappuccinos can be hard to come by, Primo Passo has mastered the art and has managed to make ones that taste similar to what you'll find in Paris or Florence.

18. Chimney Coffee House

Chimney Coffee House first opened in LA's Chinatown in 2010. If you're looking to see just how complex and dynamic coffee truly is, Chimney Coffee House is the place to go. The use of seasonal beans showcases differences in flavor and depth throughout the year. The small-batch roasting also ensures that quality remains intact as the beans are carefully tended to throughout the entire curating and roasting process.

In addition to whole milk, patrons can also opt for plant-based milks like oat milk and almond milk. When it comes to food, choose between breakfast favorites like the sausage and egg sandwich or the savory and sweet chicken and waffles. The shop also sells French toast and breakfast burritos, if you want to get your brunch on, as well as lunch offerings like burgers, chicken sandwiches, and grilled cheese.

17. Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger is a modern and minimalist coffee shop that has a handful of locations scattered across the city. From The Row in DTLA to a small coffee stand in the Ocean Park area of Santa Monica, the brew at Go Get Em Tiger is always consistent and bold.

The cafe's 24-hour cold brew is pretty strong but boasts a smooth flavor that makes it easy to sip. If you prefer something with less caffeine, the iced honey matcha latte is perfectly sweet without being too much. Another popular drink is the turmeric almond macadamia latte. Go Get Em Tiger also has tons of tasty breakfast items ranging from a lemony avocado toast to baked goods. The whipped feta and egg toast is also undeniably delicious.

16. La La Land Kind Cafe

Just like the name suggests, La La Land Kind Cafe is known for serving up some of the best vibes and coffee in the city. With three locations in Los Angeles, La La Land Kind Cafe can be found in Santa Monica, Calabasas, and The Grove in West Hollywood. The white and yellow interior is modern yet aesthetic and warm, and to say the service is friendly would be an understatement.

Don't be surprised if the baristas try to engage in conversation — that's sort of the brand. The butterfly latte is an Instagram favorite thanks to its vibrant coloring and use of blue butterfly pea flower. If you like sweeter coffees, there are plenty of great options on the menu. The zesty and slightly spicy "queen" avocado toast is also a great grab for breakfast.

15. Goodboybob

Goodboybob has three Westside locations in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, and Culver City. The Santa Monica location opened in the summer of 2017 and has been a local favorite ever since. The laid-back yet cozy setting is ideal for catching up with friends over a cappuccino or for setting up a relaxed business meeting or interview. The outdoor patio at the Santa Monica location also allows patrons to soak up some sun while they get their caffeine fix.

The Manhattan Beach shop has a more surf-inspired ambiance, while the Culver City goodboybobs is a bit more industrial. In addition to coffee and tea, visitors can also order a variety of chapati wraps, pastries, and tartines. The Culver City and Santa Monica locations also serve wine, beer, cider, and mimosas in the afternoon. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of champagne in the early evening.

14. Endorffeine

Located in Chinatown, Endorffeine does coffee differently. The owner and creator, Jack Benchakul, keeps innovation at the forefront of Endorffeine's brand. After the pandemic, Endoreffeine began canning beverages to keep up with the unstable circumstances, proving that creativity can save you even in the most uncertain of times. From a milky cortado to a refreshing shaken iced latte, the menu features plenty of classic coffee concoctions that any caffeine-lover will appreciate.

However, the signature menu is where the best of Endorffeine exists. If you want something herbal and crisp, order the tamarind-Thai basil tea. The vanilla-pandan iced latte is also a unique favorite, as is the palm sugar-whiskey iced latte. From the LA Times to Food and Wine, Endorffeine has appeared on several "best of" lists, so it's only appropriate that it's scored a spot on ours.

13. Espresso Profeta

Need a quick boost while strolling through Westwood? It doesn't get better than Espresso Profeta. This grab-and-go coffee shop is a charming and quaint neighborhood spot that specializes in traditional espresso shots and concoctions. While most people order and take their goods on the go, there are a handful of tables inside where you can post up for an hour while you read a good book or catch up with a friend.

The outdoor bistro tables are also very transportive and make you feel as though you're sitting on a quiet street in Italy. Though espresso is the obvious choice, patrons can also choose from the impressive list of teas that includes everything from green tea to a turmeric chai latte. The cafe also stocks more unusual options, like Mexican hot chocolates and Mexican spiced mochas.

12. Eightfold Coffee

The minimalist decor and somewhat retro ambiance make Eightfold Coffee one of the coolest coffee shops on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park. There is also a second Eightfold Coffee location in DTLA's Arts District. Both shops are open every day, and the menu features everything from white chocolate lattes to hot matcha made with sweetened condensed milk.

However, the secret menu at the Art's District location is a fun way to check out new and inventive coffees and beverages. The current secret menu item is hojicha green tea latte, which can be served either hot or cold. In regard to the food, Eightfold Coffee has everything from avocado toast to chia pudding with fresh fruit. Eightfold's cucumber toast and cucumber bagels are a great way to start your morning in a vibrant, refreshing way.

11. Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee is located in Eagle Rock and specializes in far more than just coffee. The shop is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. making it a great spot for early risers and freelancers looking for a new all-day spot to work from. The coffee and espresso options are plentiful, ranging from a cafe au lait to an iced Americano. One of the coolest things about Habitat Coffee is the fact that it has more milk options than your standard coffee shop. In addition to the typical whole, nonfat, almond, and oak milks, Habitat Coffee also has rice milk, soy milk, and coconut milk.

Popular breakfast items include the petit croque madame and the crispy chilaquiles, while lunch favorites like the turkey brie melt and brisket sandwich reign supreme.

10. Verve Coffee Roasters

Every Californian coffee-lover has heard of Verve Coffee Roasters. From the Arts District to Manhattan Beach to West 3rd Street, Los Angeles alone has five different Verve Coffee locations. That said, places like Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz are also home to Verve coffee shops. While many people like to order Verve coffee beans online for their homemade morning brew, having an excuse to get out of the house and hit up a local coffee shop chain is always nice.

The draft bar at Verve serves unique concoctions like the honey lavender draft latte or the flash brew flight that lets you get a taste of four different drafts, while the craft coffee bar puts a caffeinated and booze-free twist on classic cocktails like the old fashioned and cascara Negroni.

9. Menotti's Coffee Shop

Located on the Westside in the hip beach town of Venice, the original Menotti's Coffee Shop is a local gem that blends coffee with culture. However, the second Culver City location has become equally as popular, while the on-the-go sprinter van brings your favorite brew straight to you on wheels. Patrons are able to check where the van will be each week, but it can also be booked for parties and private events such as weddings or birthday celebrations.

Both the Culver City and Venice locations have their own curated vinyl collections, and there's no denying that music plays a huge part in creating the perfect vibe in each shop. The baristas are super talented, and you can expect consistent quality across the board during each visit. They serve such delicious and singular drinks as the Spanish latte, made with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon; the bubbly espresso and tonic; and the sweet Venice Beach Cappuccino, prepared with homemade vanilla syrup.

8. Dinosaur Coffee

In need of a hip coffee spot in East LA? Head to Dinosaur Coffee on Sunset Boulevard. Dinosaur Coffee opens at 7:00 a.m. every day and closes at 6 p.m., making it a great spot for work-from-home employees hoping to get out of the house and be productive with a cup of coffee in hand throughout the entire day. The menu is simple and straightforward, with a $4 basic coffee being the first option.

Other menu items include flat whites, cappuccinos, Americanos, espresso, cortados, lattes, and flash brews. You can also add an extra shot of flavored syrup to any beverage. If you're in the mood for something more refreshing, check out the rotating list of fresh juices and teas. Or check out its sister location, Woodcat Coffee, located farther down Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

7. Civil Coffee

Civil Coffee has three locations across LA in Highland Park, DTLA, and Studio City. Each spot specializes in craft coffees along with light fare for both breakfast and lunch. There is also a modern appeal and style across each storefront, and there are always plenty of people working and gathering with their laptops throughout the entire week. The Highland Park and Studio City locations have more food menu items than the DTLA shop, but every kind of coffee lover and diner can find something to their liking.

Sip on an Italiano while nibbling on some avocado toast. The specialty coffees are also a major hit, with the Liquid Gold matcha drink being a local favorite. The lavender syrup is herbal and sweet, and since it's served over ice, it's the perfect beverage for a warm summer day in LA.

6. Alchemist Coffee Project

Enjoy an elevated twist on classic coffee and pastries when you stop by Alchemist Coffee Project. Whether you're in need of an iced matcha to cool off from the LA heat or an ice cream shake to cure your craving for something sweet, Alchemist Coffee Project has you covered. There are actually two locations in LA, and they're fairly close to one another. One is located on Vermont Avenue, and the other is located at The Pearl on Wilshire Apartments.

The New Orleans-style coffee is by far the most popular item on the menu. It's definitely on the sweeter side, but if you prefer to start your morning with a little sugar, it's the perfect drink no matter what time of year. Alchemist Coffee Project also has different kinds of sandwiches and toasts.

5. Coffee for Sasquatch

Between the funky architecture and bright and airy interior, Coffee for Sasquatch is a design enthusiast's dream. The modern coffee shop is situated right in the heart of Melrose Avenue in the Melrose Arts District, and you'll always find an array of locals and visitors popping in for a shot of espresso. Upon walking in, the first thing to greet guests is a wall of greenery that creates the outline of a sasquatch. The curved white booths are contemporary while still being inviting, and the shop can easily be used for working or hanging.

Coffee for Sasquatch first opened in 2017 and is known for sourcing the popular Ritual coffee beans and making an array of caffeinated goods. Those that prefer a lower caffeine content will favor the matcha options, chai drinks, and selection of floral teas.

4. Bloom & Plume Coffee

Bloom & Plume is open seven days a week, ensuring that loyal regulars can get their favorite cup of brew each and every morning. This Black- and family-owned shop has been a beloved neighborhood business since its opening in 2019. Though you can easily get traditional lattes and caffeinated beverages, Bloom & Plume is most popular for its more inventive beverages that bring a fresh approach to the world of coffee. The Channel Orange latte has hints of citrus, making it taste similar to a creamsicle.

If you're looking to get a mindful boost, opt for the Chagaccino, which uses chaga mushrooms along with sweeteners and vanilla to create an espresso-based drink that will also help you focus. Craving something sweet? Grab a vegan donut or some overnight oats to pair with your coffee.

3. Maru Coffee

If you're looking for a sleek and minimalistic oasis to sip some quality brew, Maru Coffee should be at the top of your list. While the coffee should obviously be the main draw of any coffee shop, the design-forward interior and vibe at Maru are enough to make anyone want to visit. The atmosphere and ambiance are both calming and inspiring, and thankfully, there are three different locations in LA.

Whether you're in Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, or the Arts District in DTLA, Maru Coffee is not far. That said, all of the coffee is actually roasted at the DTLA location, and guests can always expect quality to remain a top priority. If you like to have some top-notch beans on hand for coffee at home, definitely pick up a bag of the light-roasted Kenya Chinga.

2. Alibi Coffee Co.

Albi Coffee Co. is a popular coffee shop that also happens to be one of the coolest hangout spots in West Adams. In fact, it is the first coffee roaster to set up shop in the historic neighborhood, and while Alibi Coffee Co. has only been around since 2016, the building it operates out of was built in 1922. All the beans are locally roasted. The coffee is also always sustainably sourced, allowing patrons to feel great about where their brew is coming from.

Enjoy sipping on a piping hot cappuccino while you chow down on bagel and lox, or simply grab your coffee on the go and start your day off on the right foot. Add in the blue butterfly pea flower matcha latte, horchata cold brew, and a range of specialty beans, and this is one cafe you don't want to miss.

1. Kiff Kafe

Kiff Kafe in West LA has secured our No. 1 spot as the best coffee shop in LA thanks to its transportive atmosphere, amazing service, and stellar selections. Located on West Pico Boulevard, visiting Kiff Kafe feels more like dining at a charming French bistro than it does an LA coffee shop. The vine-covered walls set the scene on the outdoor patio for a productive yet romantic workday, and the quality of the coffee is equally as impressive.

The coffee beans are hand-roasted, and all of the blended teas are organic. The food menu also features refreshing fare that uses locally sourced ingredients like a rotisserie chicken salad and artisan sandwiches. You can even sip on a glass of French wine once your coffee cup runs dry.