The 20 Best Restaurants In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and famous areas of Los Angeles. The 90210 is known for its designer shopping, renowned plastic surgeons, and, of course, upscale restaurants. Although the area is a bit of a tourist trap, some solid food options still leave a lasting impression. Whether you're looking for a fancy lunch stop or a romantic spot for a celebratory dinner, there really is something for every occasion in Beverly Hills. However, expect the price point of your meal to match the affluent reputation of the city.

Though expensive and star-studded eateries make up most of the popular establishments in the 90210, a few casual and low-key destinations are well worth checking out. From celebrity hot spots with dim lighting and an exclusive vibe to street-side patios offering some of the best people-watching in LA, here's our list of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills.


Chef Joshua Gil and co-founder Matthew Egan founded Mírame, paying homage to the shared culinary history of California and Mexico. The restaurant has partnered with Masienda, a Los Angeles-based importer that provides the establishment with heirloom corn from sustainable and ethical farms in Mexico — and you can tell their quality by the eatery's homemade tortillas. 

Other ingredients Mírame uses are seasonally sourced from local farmer's markets and its own land. In 2020, the restaurant purchased a 1.5-acre hillside in Agoura Hills; the plot now produces corn, chilis, tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, eggplant, and other produce enjoyed by those lucky enough to have a meal at the restaurant. It also boasts a robust "farm to bar" beverage program in which all the drinks are innovative and unique but mostly known for the coffee and mezcal.


In the early 2010s, Ryu Isobe channeled his Tokyo-based upbringing and a lifelong love of ramen into the creation of Kazan. The restaurant's name pays tribute to the volcanic, explosive nature of the dishes that the chef hoped to serve up. The establishment's decor is framed by yellows and oranges, pulling on the same warm, vibrant feeling of its namesake.

Kazan's signature noodles were influenced by a blend of Japanese and French culinary techniques; the chefs ramp up the umami flavor of the signature chicken-based broth by letting it simmer with truffle seasoning. The toppings, such as the lamb chops sourced from New Zealand, are pulled from international influences. And almost every component of each dish is made from scratch daily. While you won't have the cheapest bowl of ramen on the block, it will be one of the tastiest.


Beverly Hills is synonymous with modern-day luxury. In other words, it's where people go for the best of the best. Matū embodies this rich ethos; its intimate atmosphere features low lights, deep wood paneling, and other nature-inspired influences. The restaurant's name is a Māori word that translates to essence and richness itself.

Unsurprisingly, the steakhouse only serves first-rate cuts. It exclusively sources 100% grass-fed Wagyu from First Light Farms in New Zealand. The cattle there are treated well and roam free in the collective's grazing pastures. As a result, the beef is both flavorful and nutritionally sound. The restaurant's founder, Jerry Greenberg, followed a long, steak-filled road before winding up with Matū and its amazing partnership with First Light Farms and preparing the finest of protein-based meals.

Lawry's The Prime Rib

Serving locals for over 30 years, Lawry's The Prime Rib is known for its gleaming silver carts, soft lighting, velvet upholstered chairs, and white tablecloths that all harken back to good old unabashed American decadence. The restaurant's menu doesn't shy away from extravagance, either. It maintains its status as a staple of Old Hollywood and, of course, a producer of quality steak.

Some of Lawry's most popular cuts include its charbroiled filet mignon, the Prime Ribeye steak, and a Prime New York Strip steak, all of which are served with a side of horseradish, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and a spinning bowl salad. Pescatarians can opt for a similarly luxe Salmon Rockefeller, a trio of lobster tails, or Lawry's Seafood Tower.

The Hideaway

The Hideaway is one of the newer and trendy Mexican restaurants in Beverly Hills. The outdoor patio is beyond stylish, featuring an abundance of greenery, pink and green accents, and skylights that let in ample natural light. When it comes to the cocktails, it should come as no surprise that tequila and mezcal are at the forefront of the drink menu. However, if you prefer dark liquor, the Post Melon is a fruity and refreshing cocktail that uses whiskey instead.

The food menu is massive, ensuring plenty of options for every kind of palate. The tableside Tomahawk steak with fresh chimichurri is a great dish to share, while the lobster tortilla soup offers a more decadent take on the comforting classic.


The Smithsonian has recognized Chef Helene An as a founding force of fusion cuisine. After emigrating to San Francisco, she converted a 24-seat Italian deli into a Vietnamese restaurant, pulling from French, Italian, and American influences to create Crustacean's mainstay dishes today. She began experimenting by flavoring noodles with garlic and herbs, crafting the recipe that is kept top-secret to this day.

Now, the Beverly Hills establishment is far from the small deli that once hosted Chef An's meals. The garlic noodles are still a menu highlight, but it is accompanied by luxurious dishes such as truffle Wagyu breakfast burger and fluffy coconut cake. And, rather than an Italian deli, Crustacean's food is served in an expansive dining room stocked with celebrities and complete with a strictly enforced elegant dress code.


Wolfgang Puck has made a name for himself as one of the world's most famous chefs, and Spago is his flagship restaurant. The professional cook was Austrian-born and French-trained, and the establishment, which has been open since 1982, embodies his technically-renowned culinary style and influence on Californian cuisine. It has spawned numerous domestic and international spin-off restaurants, but rather than resting on its laurels, Spago continues to strive for a fresh experience.

The restaurant's sleek design welcomes air and light and focuses on its signature ingredient-led menu. It offers the Austrian specialties of Puck's childhood, such as Wienerschnitzel and kaiserschmarrn. Guests can run the international gamut with its famous pizza with prosciutto di San Danielle, spicy tuna tartare with ginger and wasabi, and more.


Avra's dining room is spacious and fresh-feeling, framed with abundant light, olive-toned wood, and light stone. It also hosts an eye-catching bounty of produce and fresh fish, hitting home its classically Californian ingredient-forward approach to its cuisine. Diners are even encouraged to pick their seafood from the in-restaurant ice display.

However, the restaurant's menu boasts more than local fare. Avra seeks to transport its guests to the seaside tavernas of coastal Greece. Co-founder Nick Tsoulos was born and raised in the village of Nafpaktos and has brought his culinary influences and ingredients with him to Beverly Hills — most of the establishment's dishes are still sourced from producers based in the Mediterranean. Most of its seafood is wild-caught in Europe and flown in throughout the week. 


The high ceilings, upholstered leather seats, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open-air terrace of Jean-Georges in Beverly Hills are reminiscent of classic east coast luxury. The restaurant's menu seeks to offer the finest dishes from New York City but contains a distinctly west coast influence. For breakfast, diners can order nutritious shakes, organic juices, or classic morning fare complete with organic cage-free eggs. Jean-Georges' dinner menu offers a series of caviar-centric creations, raw seafood dishes, and decadent wood-grilled entrées.

The establishment also offers a selection of seasonal dishes; the "Taste of Spring" menu begins with a toasted egg yolk, followed by a lively snapper ceviche, bright pea soup, sweet and sour striped bass, rich Wagyu beef tenderloin, and rounds out with the ultimate crowd-pleaser: molten chocolate cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream.


Nua serves delicious Israeli food in an atmosphere that screams Southern California. Diners can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner while surrounded by plants on Nua's sun-soaked patio at any time of the year. Chef Yoav Schverd's menu echoes Los Angeles' sunny flair while serving some substantive and satisfying dishes.

Nua is known for its traditional shakshuka, a Mediterranean brunch staple featuring poached eggs, a hit of garlic and spices, tomatoes, and a Jerusalem bagel to mop it all up. Another must-order is Nua's charred eggplant, served with tahini, olive oil, date syrup, tomato salsa, and crisp spring onion. And, if you've saved room, you shouldn't miss their arayes special, which consists of spiced ground beef in a grilled pita and served with tahini and green chili salsa.

Polo Lounge

The Polo Lounge may be synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood, but the restaurant still serves fresh and innovative cuisine. Its dining room is decked out in an unforgettable combination of forest green, magenta, bright wood accents, and mirrored walls. Diners can also head to the patio to enjoy the quintessential California setting of palm trees, clamoring vines, and flowering bougainvillea.

The menu is full of American dishes spiked with an Italian influence. The Polo Lounge is home to the famous McCarthy salad, a mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, egg, beets, tomatoes, cheddar, smoked bacon, avocado, and balsamic vinaigrette. Another signature dish is the double-decker club, piled high with house-smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise. Finish out the meal with the restaurant's chocolate soufflé, and you'll have hit the Polo Lounge trifecta.


Tommy Salvatore has created a delicious fusion of modern California cuisine with an Italian twist. The dining room at his namesake restaurant is inviting and elegant, featuring walls painted in a welcoming blue, intricate tiling, soft lighting, and gold crown molding framing the dining room's high ceilings. That said, the decadence doesn't stop at the establishment's décor as the menu is stocked with extravagant dishes. One of its most popular starters is the poached oysters, prepared with champagne, béarnaise, uni, and caviar and served alongside pearls. The beef tartare is topped with black truffle, shallots, and egg yolk and plated alongside bread and mustard greens.

Tommy's main course menu is filled with classics with eye-catching twists. Its crispy chicken is honey-glazed in a citrus marinade and served with yuzu kosho hot sauce. And, of course, the restaurant offers a solid Japanese Wagyu, which is considered to be the finest cut of beef on the market.

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is a restaurant where you can find a tower of champagne glasses, 10-layer carrot cake, and seafood towers. In a word, the establishment is bombastic. The Beverly Hills location has definitely embraced the showmanship of Hollywood. In one of the dining rooms, guests dine surrounded by their beautiful selection of wines. In another, they are framed by a light wooden bar, glass walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Guests can also enjoy the Southern Californian air on Ocean Prime's outdoor patio, where parties are tucked into beautiful, umbrella-covered tables. 

Unsurprisingly, most of the restaurant's most popular dishes are sourced from the sea. The lobster bisque is prepared with butter-poached shellfish, while a sweet and sour slaw and horseradish mustard aioli accompany the jumbo lump crab cake. The Chilean sea bass also shines alongside broccolini, pearl onion, potato puree, and truffle vinaigrette, which is fit for a Beverly Hills establishment.

Capital Seafood

Capital Seafood is known for making some of the most beloved Chinese cuisine and dim sum picks in Beverly Hills. The decor is inspired by East Asian influences, featuring patterned wallpaper, soft light, and gold fixtures. The meals are served on crisp, white tablecloths, but unlike many restaurants in the neighborhood, the ambiance is casual. However, that doesn't compromise the level of service that the eatery provides.

As its name suggests, the establishment serves a plethora of seafood options, and many of its most popular dishes are shellfish-based. The restaurant is renowned for its fluffy shrimp har gow, which is served with a dim sum combo platter. The restaurant's delicate shrimp fried rice and noodles are served alongside a sauce that is optimally savory.

Nate 'n Al's

Nate 'n Al's is a quintessential Los Angeles deli that has been around since 1945. In Beverly Hills, plenty of restaurants impress with immaculate decor, top-tier ingredients, and inventive cuisine. However, it's hard to think of one steeped in the same level of tradition or that provides the same amount of heart found at this establishment.

The restaurant's menu is stocked with deli counter favorites. It doesn't get much more classic than the Nate 'n Al's burger, which is served with Russian dressing, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. That said, though the eatery's list of signature sandwiches is impressive, none is more iconic than the Nate 'n Al. This sandwich boasts a mountainous pile of pastrami, lettuce, tomato, and Russian dressing and is squeezed between two slices of double-baked bread.


Ima is the place to go if you're in Beverly Hills and craving Japanese sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. The dining room is spacious yet intimate; ambient light flows through wooden panels, guests enjoy their food alongside beautiful artwork, and each table is its own little world, enclosed by high booth barriers.

The ingredients served at Ima are similarly intentional, and the star of the menu is the restaurant's premium A5 Wagyu. The delicacy is available in both hot and cold dishes, all of which are well-loved. Popular starters include a shiso-infused vichyssoise and arugula and spinach ohitashi with lobster. However, if you want to round out your meal with an umami finish, order the zōsui with truffle. If you want a complete dining experience, consider choosing from one of Ima's prix fixe dinners. 

Nozawa Bar

Exclusivity, luxury, and the pursuit of perfection all define Nozawa Bar. However, its coveted sushi experience can only be enjoyed by securing a reservation (which can be difficult). The restaurant's multi-course menu traverses nigiri sushi, sashimi, handrolls, and more, and Chef Osamu Fujita crafts an omakase menu that features a delicious array of innovative combos.

The professional cook was born into a long line of prestigious chefs and was fully immersed in Japan's cuisine. Eventually, he was recognized as a Master Chef by Tokyo's Japanese Chef Association and ultimately received its Highest Achievement Award. He brings his lifelong knowledge into selecting each ingredient and preparing every dish at Nozawa. The restaurant's menu depends on seasonal availability but features fish from oceans worldwide, including Santa Barbara abalone, New Zealand pink lobster, and Japanese squid.


If you're looking for a fine dining experience worth the heavy price point, Maude should be at the top of your list. This elegant hot spot by Aussie and celebrity chef Curtis Stone specializes in farm-fresh California cuisine. When it opened in 2014, the restaurant took a unique approach by crafting monthly tasting menus that revolved around one main ingredient. However, since then, it has gained a Michelin star and now focuses on a seasonal tasting menu. That said, the offerings change constantly, but the focus on locally-sourced produce and proteins is always consistent.

Despite the rotating menu, the house-made bread and butter is a regular favorite that never gets old. There are 24 seats in the dining room, resulting in an exclusive and intimate nine-course experience.


When it comes to sushi, Yasu in Beverly Hills keeps things traditional and elegant. The omakase-style sushi bar uses the highest quality fish sourced directly from Japan. The Beverly Hills location is actually the second to come into existence, with the first being in Toronto. One of the best things about the sushi experience at this California spot is the fact that the fish is kept simple, allowing the natural umami flavors of the seafood to shine without much excess or flair.

That said, there is only one menu, frequently updated by Chef Yasu, available at the restaurant, so being open to new flavors and varieties of fish is important. Even if you consider yourself a regular, expect exciting changes and surprises during every visit. Considering the omakase picks comprise 17 courses, it's also important to show up hungry.


Coming from the famed and celeb-loved chef of the same name, Matsuhisa blends Japanese and Peruvian flavors to create a one-of-a-kind menu in the heart of Beverly Hills. Though Matsuhisa's other restaurant chain, Nobu, is a bit more famous, this spot is actually the chef's first establishment and has been around since 1987. The sushi list is very standard, featuring classic sashimi and hand-roll options. The omakase menu is a great way to taste the eatery's most famous dishes, starting at $200 per person.

There are also plenty of cooked dinner options that include an appetizer, miso soup, salad, and a side of rice with your chosen entrée. Though the restaurant is definitely seafood-heavy, the prime filet mignon is a great option for diners who prefer red meat over fish.