You Never Have To Ask For More Tequila At Beverly Hills' The Hideaway

When you think about the food capitals of the world, places like Rome or Tokyo might come to mind. But, if it isn't already, Los Angeles should be on your radar. The city is home to iconic food and famous restaurants. The Prince in Koreatown has been featured in classic films from Roman Polanski's "Chinatown" to Jason Reitman's "Thank You For Smoking," via Curbed: Los Angeles. L.A.'s El Coyote Mexican restaurant was a popular haunt for big-screen stars from the 60s and 70s. Now, the intersection of Hollywood and fine dining continues with Beverly Hills' "The Hideaway." If you haven't heard of it yet, here's its formal introduction -– but, more importantly, introducing the "Push for Tequila" button. (You can thank us later.)

The Hideaway, described as a "subterranean late-night Mexican steakhouse," will be the first eatery on (or rather, underneath) Rodeo Drive to stay open till 2:00 a.m. (per Food and Wine). Rodeo Drive alone has accrued a fashionable, rock 'n roll reputation. It's home to designer retailers like Louis Vuitton, Buccellati, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Dior, and more. But, according to What Now: Los Angeles, it seems like Rodeo could benefit from the new steakhouse. Currently, it says the strip's only Mexican restaurants are a few local spots and a Chipotle.

Steaks and award-winning cocktails on the menu

The Hideaway just opened to the public on August 3, says U.S. Magazine, but it has already earned a 4.5-star rating on Yelp. Reviewers call the push-for-tequila button "EPIC!" The button's inspiration reportedly comes from Bob Bob Ricard restaurant in Soho, London, which introduced a "Press for Champagne" button at every table (via Food and Wine). Unlike the London spot, however, The Hideaway places its tequila buttons on only some of the tables. Still, all guests have to do is press a button, and servers will wordlessly replenish their table's tequila supply. Thirsty yet?

Even if you pick the wrong seat, there's no shortage of libations flowing. The Hideaway's cocktail menu was developed by award-winning mixologist Julian Cox (who single-handedly revamped MGM Resort's entire beverage menu earlier this year, per Eater.) Guests can sip classics like the Tommy Margarita and experimental new bevvys like the cheekily-named Post Melon (with whiskey, honeydew, orgeat, coconut, and pineapple). For the main course, carnivores can dig into a filet mignon or wagyu steak and whet their appetites with a little tuna tartare beforehand.

A steakhouse for celebrities (and the rest of us, too)

U.S. Magazine calls The Hideaway "a steakhouse for the stars," and indeed, the restaurant is a Hollywood establishment through and through. The spot is co-owned and conceptualized by famous party planner Jeffrey Best (who planned Britney Spears's wedding) via Eater. Best says the design was inspired by his childhood trips to Baja, Mexico, sprinkled with big-screen glamor influence. In true Beverly Hills fashion, says Food and Wine, the underground dining room seats 210 with decor that evokes 1970s California road trip charm down to the stucco walls. In the dining room, guests can expect theatrical tableside presentations of steaks and cocktails. Beyond, an outdoor patio flaunts a massive fireplace; there's even a private dining room for A-list guests.

The restaurant even has celebrity investors, including actor Ryan Phillipe, who you might recognize from 90s flicks "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Cruel Intentions." Phillipe says he might even work the floor as a server from time to time. If you want to visit Rodeo Drive, cut into a steak, glimpse a celebrity, or sip tequila all night long without ever having to ask for more, The Hideaway might be worth a visit.