The Absolute Best Cut Of Bacon For Meat Lovers

Bacon gets a lot of attention. Undeniably, there's something alluring about its crispy texture, saltiness, and slightly smoky flavor. And while it may seem like a straightforward ingredient to grab at the store, there are actually a whole lot of variations to unpack. Carefully considering each factor will enable you to cook the perfect strips.

With more than a dozen styles globally, several factors go into its production. First, there's the curing — a preservation method during which the meat is covered with salt or brined. Next comes the smoking step, which can involve a variety of woods and methods, thus imparting unique flavor. And finally, there's picking the cut of pork utilized for the whole process.

Three types exist — slab, regular, and center cut. Meat lovers should opt for the latter since it's the lowest in fat, containing up to 30% less than a normal slice. Derived from a part of the pork belly near the bone, it imparts more pork flavor without losing that irresistible bacon quality. Let's dive into the specifics.

Center cut is ideal for bacon applications with less fat

Center-cut bacon is fairly ubiquitous at grocery stores; it's just easy for it to fly underneath the radar. Especially when packaged, it doesn't look visually different from regular bacon. And the production process is straightforward — the fatty tips are simply snipped off before it's sold.

Such a quality makes it ideal for those after that chewy, delicious bacon flavor rather than its fat content. Especially when sold as thick cut, it can deliver a bite more similar to pork belly, while still with the ease of bacon preparation. Whether it's part of a sandwich, a salad, or eaten on its own, this type of bacon hits the spot.

Just keep in mind there are some bacon applications that necessitate the fat content. Whether it's the oil used for building a soup base, or used as a wrap, sometimes a bit of extra fat helps up the moisture content. However, when it comes to selecting bacon as a breakfast side, the choice is completely up to you.