The Rich Ingredient To Amp Up Canned Italian Wedding Soup

Canned soup can always be elevated up to taste more like homemade, and this is especially true of Italian wedding soup. This convenience food, which is comprised of vegetables, meatballs, and small pasta noodles like orzo in a steamy broth, is tasty, economical, and can be cracked open and heated up in under five minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave. But if you want to make the canned version of your bowl of Italian wedding soup your own, French chef Nico Romo, owner of NICO restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, told Insider you should add sausage to it.

Depending on the type of sausage you add to your canned soup, this additional meat can bring a little heat, smokiness, or a even mild sweetness to your taste buds. Romo says this shortcut for almost homemade is his go-to when making a can of Progresso's Italian wedding soup. He also recommends a sprinkle of Parmesan and a squirt or two of Sriracha to "brighten" the flavor.

Cook your sausage before adding

When adding sausage to your can of Italian wedding soup, it is best to start by removing the casings, crumbling the meat, and allowing it to brown in your pot. This will allow you to thoroughly cook the meaty addition and drain any excess oil the sausage produces before doctoring up your soup. 

When you are ready to pop open your meal in a can, follow the heating instructions on the packaging. It is best to give the soup a few minutes to simmer once you combine the two ingredients so the flavors can blend and the sausage can infuse its tastiness into the canned broth. Moreover, taste as you go to ensure the overall flavor of your improved can of Italian wedding soup has the intensity your mouth desires. And last, but not least, don't forget to give it a good stir so all of the ingredients are evenly distributed.