Save Money On Your Starbucks Iced Latte With This Simple Hack

It can sometimes be hard to justify buying a Starbucks iced latte every day. And if you're looking to cut costs a little without giving up your morning craving, you don't have to resort to making your own at home. Instead, try this simple hack for getting an iced latte that's easier on your wallet.

First, order an iced espresso. If you get a doppio, which comes with two shots of Starbucks' signature espresso roast, the total cost can come out to be a little over $2. Then, ask for it in a venti cup. If you're ordering off the app or the website, you can find this option under the "Cup Sizes" dropdown. 

Finally, add in whatever milk or creamer you'd like to turn it into a latte — you can choose from any of the milks Starbucks offers, which include 2% and almond milk, vanilla sweet cream, half and half, and heavy cream. The extra addition shouldn't alter the total price of the drink, and you can mix and match as many as you'd like.

And voilà — you've got a customized iced latte for just a few dollars. Considering a grande iced caffè latte from Starbucks is over $4 (before any potentially costly additions), you'll get more bang for your buck with this espresso version.

Create a customized latte with an iced espresso base

Not only does this hack get you a cheaper iced latte, but you're essentially getting the same exact drink, since a Starbucks iced caffè latte is simply espresso, milk, and ice. If you're used to having your latte taste a little sweet, you can also add sweetener packets like sugar, Stevia In The Raw, Sugar In The Raw, honey, and Splenda for free.

You can even make a flavored latte for less using your customizations. It will cost you 80 cents to add in a pump of caramel syrup or new dark caramel sauce to your iced espresso or 60 cents to line the cup with caramel sauce. However, this still means you can get a grande iced caramel latte for less than $4. And if you order your drink in a venti cup, you'll get even more caramel sauce lining the cup with all that increased surface area. 

Or, you can mimic an iced cinnamon dolce latte, which is typically around $5.65 for a grande, by adding a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup to your iced espresso for 80 cents and cinnamon powder on top for free. It won't be the exact same thing as the signature latte, which has whipped cream, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, and four pumps of syrup, but you'll still get a similar taste for less.