How To Order A Starbucks Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate Year-Round

Who doesn't love a soft snickerdoodle cookie fresh out of the oven? Spiced with cinnamon and sprinkled with sugar, snickerdoodles are classic cookie variety known for their sweet, warm flavors that taste like comfort. Starbucks offers its delicious snickerdoodle hot cocoa during winter months, but what about the snickerdoodle fanatics who want a taste of liquid happiness year-round? Thankfully, with the right combination of ingredients, you can satisfy your cookie craving and order a snickerdoodle hot cocoa any time of year.

Start by ordering a white hot chocolate — make it a grande because let's be real, you're going to want at least 16 fluid ounces of fresh-baked flavor. The white hot chocolate already comes with steamed milk, milk foam, whipped cream, and four pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce — the foundation of the snickerdoodle hot cocoa. Next, ask the barista to add two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup for that warm, homey snickerdoodle flavor. Most locations should also have cinnamon sugar, so order the sprinkle to top off your treat. 

If you need a caffeine boost, start with a white chocolate mocha base. Your sweet sip will come with extra espresso and you'll have yourself a snickerdoodle latte. 

Not so secret menu

Other Starbucks holiday drink favorites like the iced sugar cookie latte, chestnut praline latte, and peppermint mocha feature exclusive syrups and toppings that are only available during winter months, much to fans' dismay. While snickerdoodle hot cocoa is only listed during the holiday menu release, you can cheat the system and order it year-round with the right combination of signature Starbucks syrups.

Seasonal flavors are some of the most popular Starbucks orders, and their limited availability makes them all the more enticing. When you don't feel like waiting for a cup of holiday cheer, this menu hack for snickerdoodle hot cocoa is the perfect drink. Most of us don't have time to whip up a batch of fresh snickerdoodles before heading to work, so why not grab a cup of cookie essence on your way to the office? You can enjoy a snickerdoodle hot cocoa or latte without waiting for cold weather.