The Unique Multi-Purpose Lids Of Dansk Købenstyle Cookware

As far as antique cookware goes, Dansk Købenstyle pots rank high on the discerning kitchen collector's list. The original style debuted in 1956 as enameled steel kitchenware, with Dansk's signature Scandinavian style setting it apart from all the rest. Offered in colors of light turquoise, bright red, lime green, and sunny yellow, they became enduring heirlooms that had lasting style and durability, a few enamel chips notwithstanding. Why does this Købenstyle stay in hot demand? Many chalk it up to the design's unique blend of form and function, epitomized by the versatile top.  

Marked by a delicately thin, x-shaped handle, the Dansk Købenstyle top is designed to offer three uses in one. First and most obviously, it works as a tight-fitting lid. Second, the generous space left underneath the handle is large enough for a cook to slip a wooden spoon under it, allowing one to remove the hot lid without a cumbersome hot pad or oven mitt. Third, the lid flips over to work as a trivet when all cooking is said and done, with its sturdy, cross-shaped handle neatly elevating the Dansk pot from direct contact with the counter. So, who was the brain behind this brilliant lid? 

When form meets function

The multi-purpose practicality of the lid is less surprising when you discover it was designed by renowned Danish sculptor Jens Quistgaard. He was first noticed by Dansk founders, Ted and Martha Nierenberg, for his practical yet artistic blending of wood and steel. This would go on to become a signature feature of the Købenstyle saucepans and butter warmers — teakwood handles that don't get hot yet contrast stylishly with the sleek enameled steel. The lid is a continuation of his practical and aesthetic sensibilities, as everything that pleases the eye is also intended to help the cook use it.  

Luckily for would-be Købenstyle pot owners, Dansk decided to re-release this signature line to Crate & Barrel in 2012, churning out the first new Købenstyle in years. In 2021, it was purchased by Food52, a company that has been collaborating with the time-tested brand to create stylish cookware ever since. For those looking to skip the antique mall scrounging for an easy e-tail experience, you can find the Købenstyle butter warmer, saucepan, and casserole dish in numerous colors online via Dansk