The Cocktail Pick Style That Has No Place At Your Home Bar

You've improved your at-home bartending game by making sure no drink leaves your hands without an attractive garnish and now want to invest in cocktail picks to make fruit fans all year long. Cocktail picks are not created equal, particularly in the world of bartending, and certain products are better able to withstand the dings, shakes, and washing that cocktail-making entails. Cocktail picks made out of stainless steel have become the go-to choice for professional bartenders around the world for good reason, and when properly kept, these metal picks will always have a place at your home bar. Stainless steel cocktail picks are durable and will show minimal signs of use as you continue to craft beautifully garnished drinks at home.

Skip over the wooden toothpicks in the grocery aisle and start looking for proper metal sticks to pierce cherries, stab hot peppers, and hold twists of lemon in place. While more colorful drink picks may tempt you with fascinating shines or designs that sparkle in the light, many of these products are covered with foils or paint that can eventually chip off. This is certainly not the extra flavoring you want any of your drinks to have, and the picks themselves won't look good for long if you're making drinks with any regularity. 

Selecting cocktail picks with potential

Choose cocktail picks that are made out of stainless steel and keep cheaper materials away from your bar. While you can purchase elegantly engraved cocktail picks with animal shapes adorning each stick, look at the materials used to make the product. If it isn't stainless steel, it's best to leave the product in your shopping cart, no matter how attractive and aesthetic the picks might be. An investment in a set of quality stainless steel drink picks will pay off, and the metal pieces can double as skewers for cheeses, appetizers, and hors d'oeuvres

In no time, you'll be garnishing drinks with the confidence of a professional. As mixologist and hospitality consultant Carlos Ruiz instructs Food & Wine, "Not all cocktails need cocktail picks, but in my experience, cocktails that are served up and contain a garnish need a cocktail pick for the perfect experience." Just keep the shiny, colorful cocktail picks out of your drinks.