For A Spicy Twist, Garnish Your Martini With A Hot Pepper

A classic martini has always been synonymous with class and sophistication. The basic drink, simply gin and vermouth usually accompanied by an olive garnish, is about as simple as a delicious cocktail can get. However, the martini has become accustomed to seemingly endless variations, from favorites like a dirty martini to an espresso martini to a more complicated French martini. Martini variations can see anything from just a liquor substitution (like opting for vodka instead of gin) to completely revamping the ingredients list. Possibly, the clean blank slate a martini provides has made it desirable for mixologists and martini connoisseurs alike to concoct playful twists on the classic and allowed these creative versions to shine.

However, one of the simplest martini upgrades can be made without much behind-the-bar knowledge, and it comes in the form of a hot pepper martini. If you're someone who loves cocktails with a kick –- maybe you're a fan or spicy margaritas or jalapeño gin and tonics -– then a hot pepper martini should definitely be a part of your next bar cart rotation.

It's not as hot as you might expect

While there are plenty of ideal garnishes to top your classic martini glass with, certain hot peppers may just become your next go-to. And, there are plenty to choose from.

A habanero martini may just be for you if you like a little kick, but are not a fan of overly spicy foods. This martini, as per The Spruce Eats, is made with tequila and dry vermouth. A single habanero pepper can be placed inside the glass, and it will slowly permeate the drink with its flavor, which thankfully isn't too spicy for those spice-intolerant, but it also adds an ideal bit of heat.

A chili pepper can also be a great option for a hot pepper martini. However, as The Guardian notes, Peter Gordon's chili martini may be a bit spicier than simply dropping in a habanero pepper. This drink uses a few sprinkles of Turkish chili powder, along with syrup, juice, and passionfruit puree for sweetening.

Similarly, Cocktails Away notes that a dash (or two) of spicy bitters is another option when looking to add a little heat to your martinis.

Whatever variation of a hot pepper martini you try, we're sure you'll enjoy the extra kick, even if you are slightly spice adverse.