What To Do If Your Stand Mixer Is Dripping Grease

Having a stand mixer in your kitchen is almost like having a culinary badge that says, "I'm a serious cook and baker." This mixer can be both intimidating and quite an investment. However, if you are like other infrequent users of this beautiful appliance, you may have noticed oily drippings in the metal bowl or on the stand itself, especially during warmer months. No need to worry — this is a more common problem than you might think, and generally not cause for concern. Stand mixers are built to be used, and when you don't use them, the food-grade lubricant used on the gears can slide toward other parts — like where the beater is attached — and drip into the bowl.

To remedy this messy situation, simply break out the calendar. On a bi-monthly basis, turn on your stand mixer (sans ingredients) for a few minutes and let it run. It's best to start on the lowest setting. Every 30 seconds, move it to the next setting until you reach the highest mixing cycle. After it has run through this cycle, simply wipe it down to remove any excess grease. Doing this will ensure the lubricant stays or moves back to the gears where it is meant to be. It may even inspire you to make something delicious.

Leaking could be due to overheating

If this every two-month commitment doesn't solve the problem and you are still finding grease leaking all over your stand mixer, you may want to check your owner's manual. This can help you troubleshoot and narrow down the issue. Sometimes, oil leakage can be attributed to your stand mixer overheating after prolonged use. If you find your mixer is warm to the touch after kneading some bread or whipping up a cake, give it some time to properly cool down before turning it on again for further use.

If that still doesn't solve this greasy nuisance and the gears are still grinding like nails on a chalkboard, the mixer company may offer repair services, depending on the brand. Kitchen Aid, for example, may send you one of their "shipping kits," which consists of a box and packaging materials, along with shipping to and from the factory.