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16 Stand Mixer Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

A stand mixer is one of the kitchen's most important and time-saving tools. You won't have to worry about kneading any dough with your hand when you have access to a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment. If you're looking for super-fluffy egg whites without your arm falling off, consult the metal whisk attachment on your stand mixer. And, if you're the assigned person to bake during the holidays, you will no longer need to waste any time preparing the perfect dough for your favorite Christmas cookie recipe. The more unconventional uses for your stand mixer include making the absolute fluffiest mashed potatoes with evenly distributed butter pockets or grinding sausage with one simple attachment.

When investing several hundred dollars in a kitchen appliance, you want to ensure it's the right fit — not only in its function but also in terms of aesthetic and literal size. We reviewed the following brands for important characteristics like reliability, appearance, and cost. Here are our recommendations for the best stand mixer brands you can purchase.

16. Frigidaire

The Frigidaire is a common brand on the refrigerator market, but its line of retro stand mixers ($68.00) at first glance received a "good" from our team — but there is more than meets the eye. The 4.75-quart mixer uses a 380-watt engine with eight speeds and a pulse function. This stainless steel machine is the only stand mixer Frigidaire manufactures, and it comes in eight color options.

Reviewers rate the Frigidaire a 4.4 overall with high regard for its giftability. However, there are numerous user complaints about its ergonomics and mechanics. The bowl does not properly sit on the pedestal, thus causing it to pop up when the unit is activated, per one Amazon reviewer. The shape of the bowl is more round than other mixer on our list. The Frigidaire will leave you constantly scraping down the sides of the bowl to ensure that all of your cookie ingredients are well-mixed. An Amazon reviewer also noted that the manual indicates a maximum run time of six minutes with a minimum cool-down period of 10 minutes. In short, the run time of the Frigidaire isn't worth the price.

15. Wolf

If you're thinking "high-end," one brand that may come to mind is Wolf. Wolf manufacturers gourmet kitchen items, and its 7-quart Gourmet High-Performance Stand Mixer ($995.99) is no different. Its bowl size is larger than both the Hamilton Beach and the classic KitchenAid; 7-quarts can mix up trays of cookie dough and focaccia with ease. Unlike other machines, you'll find that the Wolf Gourmet offers a pulse button for easily incorporating ingredients into your dough.

The biggest drawback with this brand is its price (which is two to three times more expensive than other comparable brands) and the limited amount of attachments it offers compared to a KitchenAid. Its bowl and attachments must also be washed by hand to ensure maximum longevity. From an operational standpoint, the attachments will not reach as far down as the KitchenAid or the Hamilton Beach — which will cause you to constantly scrape and pull down the sides of the bowl to better mix your dough. While you may get what you pay for, we still recommend looking at a cheaper stand mixer than Wolf (because that is a lot to spend on cookie dough).

14. Kitchen in the Box

Kitchen in the Box ($96.99) offers only a 3.2-quart stand mixer with a six-speed, 300-watt motor. This pint-sized machine packs a lot of power for small batches of cookies or dough. It extends about 13 inches long and is less than 7 pounds in total. Choose from six colors, including our personal favorite — purple.

If you're a frequent baker who can appreciate a large batch of chocolate chip cookies, you might want to steer clear of this appliance. The size limits the amount of dough the bowl can safely accommodate. Plus, the size of the container makes it easy to overload, and the cheapness of the plastic makes it too light to remain in a locked position. If you plan on beating stiff cold butter (which will warp your whisk and break this little-engine-that-could of a device), you should opt to purchase a stand-up mixer better equipped to handle the weight and force exerted on it — or just use your pastry slicer.

13. DASH

DASH electric stand mixers ($79.99) are retro, if nothing else. This brand offers two models: the Delish by DASH (3.5-quart model, 350-watts) and the Everyday Stand Mixer (3-quart, 250-watts). This brand is perfect for folks looking for a hyper-lightweight machine at less than five pounds. You won't have to clear a ton of counter space for your appliance because both options from DASH are less than 12 inches tall and wide. Unlike other stand mixers, you'll find that DASH units come with two hooks or beaters — similar to an electric hand mixer.

While DASH mixers might not be practical for big batches of cookies, they are a good option for whipping egg whites in a high-efficiency kitchen. Over 20,000 reviewers rated the Delish by DASH with an average 4.1 rating. One reviewer noted, "[The DASH] is very light, plus it uses very little exertion to lever the top to add the beaters and fit the bowl underneath." But, the small size and sound of the motor are important drawbacks of purchasing a DASH.

12. Amazon Basics

What doesn't the Amazon company make? Add stand mixers to the list. The Amazon Basics stand mixer ($99.54) is priced competitively to other 4.5-quart mixers, and it is the only stand mixer Amazon Basics offers. If you're looking for a pop of color in your kitchen, skip over this model; it only comes in black.

While this device is good for small batches, several reviewers have noted that it has a functional limit. Using multiple cups of flour tends to be difficult to work with for this machine, so it's best to save your money and purchase a more reliable brand. The knob mechanism is easy to use and perfect for kitchen novices. At around 10 pounds, this would be an ideal stand mixer for a teen baker or someone with difficulty lifting and moving heavier units. Plus, the Amazon Basics option is made of stainless steel, making it more aesthetically pleasing than a fully plastic model.

11. Klarstein

Klarstein gets a ton of brownie points for its price and elegant design. The brand offers several models, including the Bella Rossa (6-speed, 650-watts, 5.5-quart), Bella Argentea (6-speed, 650-watts, 5.5-quart), and the Bella Elegance (6-speed, 650-watts, 5.2-quart). However, each machine is encased in plastic; this is great for folks looking for a lightweight option but less optimal for buyers who like the look of a metal appliance. The wattage of the Klarstein motor is similar to other stand mixers at 650-watts. The brand's mixers come with standard attachments and a splash guard.

The most common complaints across consumer review sections in various retail sites include the shrill squeaking noise at high speeds as well as the poor durability of the plastic (one review likened their Klarstein to a "motor-cross bike"). But, if you're spending less than $50 on a kitchen device, the noise of the Klarstein may be part of the bargain. Other reviewers found the quality of the Klarstein attachments poor and secured by a single rod that doesn't stay in. 

10. Smeg

Smeg offers two types of stand mixers: a full-color and stainless steel fixture model. The bones are the same in each make, though the exterior may differ. The full-color model ($539.95 to $599.95) epitomizes the definition of "retro style" in a 25-pound package. Smeg's machines are heavy and have a few design flaws — mostly in the style of the attachments and proximity to the bowl. Amazon reviewers note how frequently scraping is required because the shape of the bowl is not conducive to incorporating all ingredients into the mix. 

Several Amazon reviewers have also complained that the Smeg is not as sturdy as a KitchenAid — which is not optimal for such a heavy model. Other reviewers have noted issues with the attachment gears grinding together after only a few months of use. The best feature of the Smeg is undeniably its appearance. If you're looking for better functionality, we recommend saving your money and purchasing a cheaper KitchenAid instead.

9. Facelle

The Facelle's price makes up for its limited operational capacity. The Facelle Stand Mixer ($139.99) offers six speeds and six color options. The 6.5-quart bowl means you can make ample portions of dough or bread to feed the family, all for less than $150. The mixer has three attachments: a dough hook, a whisk, and a beater. Like the more expensive KitchenAid, you'll find the Facelle has 59 touch-points to ensure all parts of the recipe are adequately mixed together. Unlike other stand mixer types, you'll find the splash guard and feeding port to incorporate liquid ingredients into a dry dough easily.

The Facelle has an average 4.6-star rating on Amazon from close to 1,000 reviews. One popular complaint is the durability of the device. One reviewer wrote: "This machine does not seem as sturdy [as the KitchenAid], the different paddles are very light and flimsy feeling." However, for the price, you may be amenable to holding down the top of the stander mixer for more than 4-quarts of dough or batter.

8. Aucma

The Aucma Stand Mixer ($139.99) is one of the highest-reviewed stand mixers on Amazon — and it's one of the most popular lower-priced mixers available. GearLab agrees, highlighting the machine as a workhorse budget option. The 6.5-quart stand mixer comes with a 660-watt motor and whisk, dough hook, and paddle attachment. For bakers looking for a larger bowl, Acuma also offers a 7.4-quart model

You can purchase an Aucma in one of 10 colors to match the rest of your kitchen. The 6-speed knob alters the velocity of your appliance in a matter of seconds, while LED lighting makes it easy to determine how much power you want. Plus, the splash guard keeps the batter on the two-handled bowl rather than all over your kitchen counter. All in all, these features rank Aucma at solidly middle of the pack. Still, there are some cons.

Of the close to 14,000 reviews on Amazon, the average score for the 6.5-quart model was around 4.6. The biggest reoccurring theme of reviewers is the under-power of the motor and that the attachment does not meet all sides of the bowl. One reviewer writes: "The mixer struggles mixing and blending buttercream and the sound and vibration it makes when making fondant is outright scary. This is a very lightweight mixer (only 5.2kg) with a rated load of 1.5kg, but don't even try the full load when making fondant." Therefore, the use of the Aucma may end up being limited.


If you're looking for a stand mixer that is reasonably priced and sized for big batches, you'll want to check out SVEWT's 8.5-quart stand mixer ($69.99). The power of SVEWT comes in at around 660-watts, thus making it optimal for working through stiff butter and dense doughs. The 8.5-quart is the only stand mixer the brand manufactures, so go big or go home! 

The biggest compliments on the design that we've noticed are regarding its power and consistency. One reviewer writes: "The function, durability, and ease of this mixer is second to none. I love it and I would recommend this mixer to anyone who does a lot of baking."

As far as the reasons this appliance didn't rank higher, drawbacks include a limited six-speed plus pulse settings and the process of changing the attachments on the head of the machine. One reviewer notes spending a lot of time starting and stopping a paddle attachment and having to turn the unit back on so the paddle was in a position where it could be lifted out of the bowl. Despite these criticisms, the SVEWT is one of the best stand mixers suited for large-batch baking and applications in need of a powerful motor — think: kneading tough bread dough.

6. Breville

The Breville Bakery Chef ($399.95) is Breville's only stand mixer. It comes in a selection of six colors and two bowl sizes (4-quart and 5-quart). At 550-watts, it isn't the most high-powered model, but as we've seen with other units, a big motor doesn't necessarily mean better performance. Breville's mixer offers an array of uses thanks to the 12-speeds you'll have to choose from. Our favorite part about the Breville stand mixer is its paddle attachment design. The paddle contains plastic edges to scrape like a spatula as it spins in the bowl. You'll also find a handy lamp on the mixer to illuminate the container.

The Bakery Chef has not received much negative criticism; some functional pieces could be changed to make the appliance easier to operate. A safety lock on the side of the body must be disengaged to move the head of the stand mixer. Therefore, you have to use two hands to tilt the head. There is also no attachment port like on the KitchenAid, so you won't be able to roll pasta sheets using your Breville stand mixer. That said, it's certainly up there as one of the better units in terms of durability, usage, and form.

5. Cuisinart

The Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5-quart stand mixer ($249.95) is priced on the higher end of stand mixers, but the price may justify its quality. Cuisinart also offers the Precision Pro ($299.95) with three pre-programmed food settings and seven recipe tasks. This appliance comes with 12 speeds, a polished stainless steel bow, and 500-watt motors on both the Precision Pro and the Precision Master. There are 12 color options and a limited three-year warranty on most Cuisinart models. Optional attachments for purchase include an ice cream maker, pasta roller, and spiralizer. Cuisinart may have begun as a company specializing in food processors, but we are glad the company branched into top-of-the-line kitchen appliances.

At 17 and 20 pounds, respectively, the Cuisinart stand mixers are not lightweight by any means. But if you're looking for comparable durability to the KitchenAid, this is one of the brands you want to consider. You can adjust the height of the attachments in the bowl with a screw. Regarding the reasons we've kept it at number five, some small things can make Cuisinart mixers difficult to use. For example, you'll find the knob of the Cuisinart to be difficult to turn and adjust. The latch to raise and lower the front of the mixing heat is located in the back of the machine, which makes for two-handed operation compared to the one-handed ease of the KitchenAid side latch.

4. Kenwood

Kenwood offers several types of stand mixers for everything from novice to professional cooks. There are a total of eight models in the Kenwood lineup to support all of your baking needs. The base model, the 7-quart Chef Titanium ($549.99), is priced higher than other models on our list. There are a total of six-speed options, along with a pulse function, for optimal whipping and mixing speeds. The Chef Titanium features a 750-watt motor. At 25 pounds, you won't expect the machine to move when you're beating stiff ingredients (but we guarantee it will be awkward to carry and store in other places besides your kitchen countertop).

Overall, Kenwood is highly regarded for its technological capabilities; more advanced models have built-in scales and app connectivity options. Even the Chef Titanium option features a nifty electronic variable speed control that will gradually increase the mixing speed to ensure that your ingredients slowly mix in before reaching high speeds. The motor even has a five-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

With Kenwood appliances' level of service and efficiency, it's hard not to rank this brand in our top three. However, the overall aesthetic is a touch wonky. When you're spending a significant amount of money on a kitchen device (one that one often be moved from the countertop), it's important that it looks good, too.

3. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is the way to go if you want a medium-sized, affordable stand mixer. The Hamilton Beach 4-quart mixer ($129.99) comes with a dough hook, flat beater, and splash guard attachments. The Hamilton Beach stand mixer offers seven speeds and a 300-watt motor perfect for amateur cookie makers and chefs. Like other machines, you can tilt the head of the Hamilton Beach to add ingredients to your recipe easily. Hamilton Beach offers slightly less color selection than other brands, but it is a reliable and affordable machine for its price. Hamilton Beach offers a mounted hand mixer ($59.99) with five attachments, six speeds, and a 4-quart bowl. 

Of the 7,000 reviews on Amazon, the average rating for the traditional 4-quart model was 4.5. Customers value the lightness of Hamilton Beach compared to KitchenAid. Other reviewers note that the Hamilton Beach "runs quiet," and the attachments reach the bottom of the bowl, similar to a KitchenAid. But, the size of the bowl and the speed limit the machine's capacity to achieve the same results as the standard bearer.

2. Mini Angel

The Mini Angel stand mixer ($104.99) is the only stand mixer in the brand's lineup. It includes 10-speed settings and a pulse option. The motor on the Mini Angel is around 400-watts — which is more powerful than most of the 5.5-quart stand mixer brands on the market. You can purchase one of seven colors, including black, yellow, and lavender.

The nearly 1,400 Amazon reviewers gave the Mini Angel an average score of 4.5. The machine even comes with a five-year warranty for optimal reliability. One reviewer writes: "Can't beat the price for the quality of this perfect countertop mixer, pick a color and get it." Other reviewers appreciate the stainless steel frame and retro aesthetic of this appliance. "I was pleasantly surprised at the portability, being lightweight made it quite easy for [the reviewer's niece] to move and manage. The bottom suction was strong enough to hold in place but easy for [the reviewer's niece] to move."  Is this a reasonably priced stand mixer that offers maximum functionality, a lightweight body, a stylish design, and a great warranty? Listen up, KitchenAid — you have competition!

1. KitchenAid

It is no surprise that the best performing and most reliable stand mixer brand is indeed KitchenAid. The KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Stand-Mixer ($449.99) is the most robust and timelessly designed stand mixer on the market. You can purchase the appliance in whatever color fits your design scheme; the options range from Birds of Paradise to Aqua Rose (or just go for the classic stainless steel or black). Folks looking for a smaller option may consider the 3.5-quart Artisan Stand Mixer ($379.99) instead.

Outside of the over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, we can't help highlighting the ergonomic and operational genius that goes into Kitchen Aid. The shape of the bowl and attachment connection is designed with 59 touchpoints to ensure all parts of your batter or dough are equally mixed. You can also flip the top for easy pouring and bowl access. On the side of the device, you'll find a 10-speed lever for mixing whatever your heart desires.

You can purchase a variety of attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixer outside of the typical flat paddle beater, dough hook, 6-wire whip, and pouring shield. Add a pasta dough attachment to flatten dough for fettuccine, shredding chicken, or dicing. All hail the KitchenAid Stand Mixer — the queen of stand mixers!