The Martha Stewart-Approved Way Of Serving Shrimp Cocktail

Classic shrimp cocktail is a finger food that lends itself to creative serving. But if you're straddling the line of martini glasses or shot glasses to showcase this seafood favorite, Martha Stewart has just the tip you need for your next soiree. Stewart skips the traditional nesting bowl with ice for serving this appetizer and opts for a much more festive serving dish. She says that if you're serving shrimp cocktails, you want to break out those glass cake stands often reserved for afternoon tea or birthday celebrations. 

Per her website, the media mogul uses different sizes of cake stands to make the shrimp a focal point at the buffet table. On each of the stands, which vary in both height and overall size, Stewart builds layered shrimp circles around a leafy green center — specifically butter lettuce — to give the arrangement a pop of color. The result is understated sophistication that just makes you want to eat shrimp!

Keep it chill

If the thought of serving shrimp off of something that isn't iced gives you pause, there's a fix. To keep a shrimp cocktail chilled, you typically serve it on stainless steel platters that have been placed in the fridge to keep them cold. Alternatively, the shrimp can be served over ice in some other type of serving vessel to help keep bacteria at bay. 

To use Martha Stewart's cake stand strategy, either chill them in the fridge before arranging and serving or, if your fridge is large enough, layer the shrimp on the stands ahead of time and bring them out right before guests arrive. But remember, you don't want to leave perishable foods like shrimp cocktails sitting out at room temperature for longer than two hours. And of course, however you choose to serve your shrimp cocktail, don't forget the champagne or a lovely drink made with gin.