The Worst Method For Cooking An Omelet

An omelet is a simple breakfast delight; however, when it comes time to flip your breakfast treat, your omelet can very quickly turn into a pan of scrambled eggs. Because of this, hungry breakfast lovers may find themselves on the hunt for an easier and more reliable way to cook their eggs in this storied form. And when you're trying to recreate the classic omelet texture, one appliance you should absolutely avoid is the air fryer.

Air fryers work by circulating heat around an open cooking chamber, which evenly heats your foods on all sides. While this can be an excellent cooking solution for everything from fried chicken to fruits, it's best to stick to the classic skillet when a breakfast omelet is calling your name. The reasoning is simple: An air fryer won't give you the soft and fluffy texture that you've come to expect from your omelets.

Your air fryer just won't cut it

When you cook eggs in the air fryer, you'll end up with crisp edges and a firm outer texture that much more closely resembles a frittata than an omelet. And if you were hoping to get any of those delicious veggies, like bell peppers and onions, in the mix, it's way harder to properly cook them in your air fryer than it would be on the stovetop. 

To make the best omelets, there's no better choice than using a non-stick pan on your stovetop. This traditional method allows you to keep a close eye on the omelet while it's cooking and flip it at just the right time. Additionally, using a pan that's just large enough to fit your eggs will keep your fluffy creation from going flat. It might present a bit of a culinary challenge, but with practice and attention to detail, you'll soon achieve the perfect omelet you've been craving. Alternatively, you can also achieve a tasty, hassle-free omelet in minutes with the help of your microwave and a mug. 

While your air fryer can't master every breakfast food item (sorry, air fryer pancakes are a no-go as well), all hope is not lost. Fried eggs are an excellent choice that helps prove that this incredibly versatile appliance still comes close to being able to do it all.