The Simple Prep Step To Make Any Cocktail Salt Rim Ready

A perfectly salted glass is one of those visual clues that signifies a drink has been poured by someone who has progressed beyond the ranks of an amateur drink-maker. The aesthetic addition not only looks good but can also elevate the tasting experience of a cocktail. Though swiping the lip of a cocktail glass in a bowl of salt sounds like an easy task to master, a few key steps can make or break the presentation of the cocktails you are planning to serve at tonight's happy hour.

Whether you've decided to salt glasses without using slices of fruit or have chosen to add extra spices to season your salt blend, make sure the ingredients you use are prepared to adhere beautifully to all of the cocktail and shot glasses you'll be serving. Size matters when it comes to cocktail salt: Too fine, and the salt pieces will become clumpy messes; too thick, and you'll risk pieces of salt falling off before drinks reach your guests' hands.

Give your salt another grind for the perfect size

Salt can be purchased in a range of grains — from extremely fine to extra coarse — and chunkier pieces of salt can be difficult to stick to the rim of a glass. Thankfully, there are specialty salt blends that can be ground down to suit the needs of your cocktail making. Should you have a thicker, denser salt on hand, just give the salt another grind with a mortar and pestle. This will result in a smaller size that can stick to the rim of your glass without worry of it falling into your drink or dissolving too quickly. 

If you're unsure about the appropriate size of salt for your glass rims, consider the textures of rock, kosher, and sea salt. Rock and kosher salt are the typical go-to choices for professional bartenders when it comes to lining the lips of glasses, but pink Himalayan salts can also provide unique tasting notes that can enhance a pineapple margarita or classic Salty Dog. Once you've done this extra step, you've created a consistent, visually-pleasing drink presentation — just add a garnish and serve.