The Trick To A Successful Cocktail Salt Rim Without Extra Liquid

A perfectly salted rim contributes to that Insta-worthy finishing touch that can crown a variety of cocktail recipes. With minimal effort, you too can serve your friends satisfyingly fancy-looking libations that could be crafted by a professional bartender. Yet as easy as it might sound to dip a moistened glass into a plate of salt flakes, certain drink recipes won't be served by the addition of any extra liquid — lime juice, the squeeze of an orange, or even water.

For those occasions when you want to salt a glass without needing to slice any piece of fruit to moisten the rim, you have an easy salting alternative. Whether you're preparing salted glasses to serve margaritas or want to dress up a morning smoothie, place your glasses in the freezer before you intend on making your drinks. Then, when you are ready to start mixing and pouring Salty Dogs, you can add extra flavor to each glass with ease.

An easy, attractive salting method

Upon removing the chilled glass from the freezer, press the outside of each drink lightly into your choice of seasoning or dip a section of the glass directly into a bowl of salt, sugar, or your unique mixture of seasonings. By salting only a portion of the glass in this way, you will create a drink presentation that lets guests choose the tasting experience they prefer. Since only a portion of the glass will be coated in the seasoning of your choice, your friends can sip their frozen drinks with or without that extra sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon applied to the exterior of the glass.

It doesn't take much effort to make this bartending technique look attractive, and with this quick method of applying seasonings of your choosing to glassware, you may not need to add any unique garnishes to finish the drink. Simply serve the salted drink as a standalone prize.