How Martha Stewart Adds A Crunchy Layer To Tiramisu

Though tiramisu may look simple to make, the classic Italian dessert is also fairly easy to mess up. From choosing the wrong biscuits to leaving lady fingers soaking in a coffee mixture for too long, there are plenty of mistakes you might unknowingly make when putting together this luxurious treat. Thankfully, we have culinary experts like Martha Stewart and Ina Garten helping us make desserts that aren't soggy – and even deliver surprising bites of delicious crunch to guests. 

Stewart makes tiramisu entirely from scratch – and that includes the ladyfingers. Granted, Stewart's style of assembling the treat isn't the quickest option, but her approach yields a fluffy, rich, and moist treat to enjoy.

To start the process, mix egg yolks with sugar and flour, fold in beaten egg whites, and prepare baking sheets for the fluffy ladyfingers to bake. Stewart says that when ladyfingers are homemade, they are softer than what you can buy at the store. Once you have your cake-like ladyfingers ready to use, it's time to assemble your tiramisu creation — with Stewart's textural addition of biscotti or your favorite crunchy cookies.

Adding crunch to a creamy classic

Stewart chooses biscotti to add to the layers of mascarpone she spreads on top of ladyfingers and grinds the pieces in a food processor before mixing them into sugar, egg yolks, whipped egg whites, and creamy mascarpone. The extra addition of biscuits or cookies adds not only a textural crunch to the rich layer but also creates a visually warm hue of gold.

To follow Stewart's lead, soak ladyfingers in a bowl of cooled espresso and coffee liqueur to lightly coat them before laying each in a row in a dish. Spread the crunchy mascarpone mixture on top of the ladyfingers, then layer additional layers of soaked ladyfingers and biscotti-enhanced mascarpone on top. Crown the dish with fluffy whipped cream flavored with confectioners' sugar and vanilla, and chill the dessert for several hours before serving it.

Before presenting your finished dish to guests, finely grate milk chocolate and add additional crumbles of biscotti on top of your desserts. With espresso, mascarpone, whipped cream, coffee-flavored liquor, and cookie crumbles, Stewart's take on tiramisu hits all the right notes.