Why Avocado Slicers Are Never Worth The Price Tag

We've all been there: standing in an aisle of your favorite kitchenware or home goods store staring at the latest as-seen-on-tv fad. You impulsively think these self-proclaimed handy devices would make the perfect addition to your utensil holder or kitchen drawer. From multibladed herb scissors to veggie spiralizers to indoor grills, some of the latest kitchen gadgets can be quite enticing with the prospect of making your life just a little bit easier. However, these tools are often quite gimmicky, and it's hard to know which ones are worth spending your money on.

When it comes to the avocado slicer, our take is that these devices are never worth purchasing. Outfitted with several dull blades designed to scoop into the avocado, and slice it into several even pieces instantly, they look quite handy. While, admittedly, slicing into avocados can be a bit intimidating for first-timers, we don't think avocado slicers are saving you any time or accomplishing any hard tasks. 

You aren't getting special results

Avocados have a reputation of being a bit tricky to deal with. They're finicky about when they turn ripe, and they can quickly turn brown if they're not dealt with fast enough. They also can be a bit difficult to peel before slicing up the creamy fruit with a knife. This is the time-consuming step that an avocado slicer can help with. Rather than having to pick away at the tough skin of the avocado, the slicer can dig right into the fruit, making nice cuts within the peel. The fruit can then just be scooped out, and you're left with equal-sized slices. However, a simple spoon is able to make this gadget obsolete.

The avocado slicer requires two steps: slicing and scooping. The same results can be accomplished with tools you already have in your utensil drawer, just in a reverse order. If you first scoop out the fruit with a regular spoon and then slice the soft interior with a knife, the same results are achieved in the same amount of time. If avocado slicers could somehow create beautiful designs or save us any precious time, we might consider it worth purchasing. However, we think it's a waste of money when you can easily get the same results yourself.