The Rubik's Cube Avocado Cutting Method You Should Try

Avocado is a fruit that's known for its buttery and creamy qualities and is used in many popular dishes like avocado toast, guacamole, and avocado sushi rolls. But in order to get to that prized avocado meat, one must know the proper peeling and slicing technique.

There are many ways to slice n' dice an avocado. You're probably familiar with some of the more common methods. For instance, Serious Eats suggests running a knife length-wise around the avocado pit, from top to bottom, and then back up from bottom to top. Once you have your avocado halves, get rid of the pit, and slice the avocado length-wise. For diced avocado, slice it again width-wise. Another option is an avocado slicer and pitter tool, as seen on Webstaurant Store. You can also try this method, per WellAndGood, which recommends pressing a halved and pitted avocado through a cooling rack. This technique yields cubes of avocado in just a few seconds, but it also leaves you with a messy cooling rack that can be a pain to clean.

Now there's a new method being passed around the internet that's worth a shot. This avocado-cutting method comes from @kalejunkie on Instagram who says they saw it on TikTok. It might remind you of a Rubik's cube.

Slice it length-wise, then width-wise

Avocado hacks are all over social media and this new one pits and slices the fruit but without all the fuss. Instagram user @kalejunkie explains that all you have to do is slice an avocado length-wise and then width-wise. This divides the avocado into four quadrants, but they're still connected to the pit and the avocado is largely still intact with the exception of a few slice marks.  

Now here's the bit that's reminiscent of that colorful, childhood puzzle toy, the Rubik's cube. Place one hand on the bottom of the avocado and the other hand on the top. Twist the avocado along the cut you made, rotating the avocado around the pit without removing the section. Next, place your hands on the sides of the avocado and twist again. The motion is really similar to how you twist a Rubik's cube and should loosen the avocado sections, which you can then pull away from the pit, leaving you with four wedges of avocado. For the pit, just grab it with your hand and pull it away from the flesh. For the skin, you can use your hand to peel it off — no fancy tools are required. Now, you can now eat the wedges as is or slice 'em up however you like.

Aside from being a very easy slicing method, WellAndGood adds that it's also quite safe. With other methods, you usually have to use a knife to get rid of the pit, but with this hack, you can simply use your hand. So give this one a try the next time you need to safely and effortlessly cut an avocado into wedges.