Panera Gives Away Free Memberships To Unlimited Sip Club

If you're a fan of free drinks — and who isn't? — Panera just announced a new perk that will get you beverages on the house, just in time for summer. When you join the chain's Unlimited Sip Club from now until May 18, you'll get about two months of free membership to the program, lasting until July 4, 2023. Participants will be entered in a drawing to win an Annual Unlimited Sip Club membership, Panera's more elite version of the new subscription. Paying members also get access to Sip Club Saturday Offers, which can include promotions for free or discounted menu items, and all subscribers get $0 delivery fees through June. If you do win an annual subscription, you'll get $0 delivery fees year-round.

So what items can you get as part of the club? The chain offers completely gratuitous drinks to its members, including charged and regular lemonade, hot and iced coffee, hot and iced tea, and fountain beverages. Charged lemonades, which made their debut at the beginning of 2022, are refreshing, plant-based beverages in strawberry lemon mint, mango yuzu citrus, and Fuji apple cranberry flavors — but with as much caffeine as Panera's dark roast coffee. By signing up for free sips, you can choose to get one charged lemonade or any other participating drink every two hours while the store is open, unlimited free refills included.

Two months of free sips on self-serve drinks

Between the coffee drinks and charged lemonades, Panera's subscription is sure to get you caffeinated — but keep in mind that drinks like cold brew andespresso aren't included in the program. However, you'll still get access to more than 25 different drinks. The Unlimited Sip Club was only launched about a year ago in April 2022, making Panera the first nationwide restaurant to provide an unlimited self-serve beverage program.

The chain offered a similar two-month free membership when the Sip Club was first introduced in 2022. Back then, it partnered with rapper T-Pain to give customers the chance to win a 24-karat gold-plated chalice. This year, pro basketball player Kyle Kuzma is taking the celebrity slot, pairing up with Panera and Starry, the chain's lemon-lime soda.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the two months of free drinks, the first step is to create a free MyPanera account on the chain's website.