Panera's New Subscription Deal Is Unlike Any Other

Panera Bread has announced the creation of a new subscription program which will allow customers to get unlimited self-serve drinks for one monthly fee. The company is touting the program as the first of its kind and is building off the chain's existing coffee subscription program.

The new program was announced on April 19 and is available to customers age 18 and up who are members of the MyPanera loyalty program. Signing up for MyPanera is free and earns frequent customers rewards like free pastries and birthday surprises, according to the company's website, however, the new program comes at a cost. The Unlimited Sip Club costs members $10.99 per month, plus tax, and entitles Panera fans to one refillable drink of any size every two hours during regular cafe hours, with free refills. There are 26 drinks covered by the program including allĀ varieties of drip hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, lemonade, Pepsi-Cola brand fountain drinks, and a new line of Charged Lemonades, which the chain is launching in conjunction with the Unlimited Sip Club. The unlimited beverage deal does not include specialty coffee drinks like cold brew coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos.

Some Panera fans may already be familiar with a similar model as the brand launched the Coffee Club in 2021 for MyPanera members willing to pay $8.99 per month for unlimited coffee and tea. Fox Business reports the program had 600,000 subscribers at the end of 2021 and led to increased traffic during breakfast hours.

Charging up with new drink options

Along with the new subscriptions service, Panera has debuted a new line of drinks known as Charged Lemonades. According to Today, the new drinks are caffeinated variations of the company's popular Agave Lemonade and come in three flavors: Strawberry Lemon Mint, Mango Yuzu Citrus, and Fuji Apple Cranberry, each packing the same energy punch as a 20-ounce dark roast coffee.

"These Charged Lemonades reach a new guest looking for an alternative to traditional energy drinks, and are great examples of our culinary principle, The Familiar, Made Fantastic," said Panera's Chief Brand & Concept Officer, Eduardo Luz, in a press release. "With the addition of Charged Lemonades, the Unlimited Sip Club has a distinctive portfolio of drinks that can satisfy all our guests."

To celebrate the launch, new and existing MyPanera members who sign up by May 6 will receive free drinks through July 4. Additionally, HipHopWired reports the chain has partnered with "Buy U a Drank" rapper T-Pain to offer 1,000 subscribers the chance to win a custom-designed $3,000 gold Panera chalice. Unlimited Sip Club members can enter for a free chance to win the blinged-out cup on NTWRK and T-Pain will host a drawing for it on the shopping app on April 21.

For those not in the market for a gold chalice, or even undecided about joining another subscription service, pop over to your local Panera to try one of the new Charged Lemonades for yourself before you make any commitments.