The Starbucks Lemonade Swap For A Nostalgic Refreshment

Heading to Starbucks for a quick sip on the go? If you're looking for something a little less jitter-inducing than a cold brew and slightly less sweet than a decadent caramel Frappuccino, you can't go wrong with the chain's wide array of tea drinks. There are plenty of classic hot brewed options, but the iced varieties can be counted on to quench your thirst with a punch of botanical flavor.

Upon perusing the Starbucks menu, you'll find everything from iced black tea to iced matcha, and even fruity versions like iced peach tea and Passion Tango. And while you can add just about any extra syrup flavor or sweetener to customize your order, one of the most popular iced tea pairings comes in the form of lemonade. Yep, Arnold Palmer style.

An invention commonly attributed to the late golf champion, the blend of iced tea and lemonade has become a beloved combination, thanks to its tart kick. But if you find that your taste buds are averse to the sour bite of lemonade, or if you simply want to shake up your usual drink order, you can actually upgrade your Starbucks iced tea simply by swapping in apple juice.

Apple juice adds a refreshing fruitiness to iced tea

You may not know this, but Starbucks does indeed keep its own brand of apple juice stocked at all of its stores year-round. You actually have the option to add it to almost any order of iced tea, but for a particularly yummy flavor combination, we suggest pairing it with iced green tea. The apple juice will provide a light and fruity flavor that complements the mild taste of the green tea, and if you use it as a substitute for lemonade, you'll also be saving yourself the acidic kick of citrus.

Not only does this easy swap make for an equally sweet and refreshing alternative to the classic Arnold Palmer, but it also infuses your iced tea with a delightful dose of nostalgia. Who doesn't remember those warm summer days sipping boxed apple juice between kickball games as a kid?

So consider this the grown-up way to drink your apple juice — approved by both tea lovers and apple fans alike. And if you do happen to love the taste of lemonade, you can still ask for a splash of apple juice to be added to your order for an extra-fruity version of your go-to iced tea.