For A Fiery Iced Cocktail Garnish, Torch A Cinnamon Stick

If you're looking to up your cocktail game with a few simple ingredients, cinnamon sticks are an easy addition to your drink-making arsenal. As you're putting together cocktails and pouring recipes to serve on the rocks, a cinnamon stick will not only serve as a pretty visual garnish that adorns cocktail glasses, but the spice will also bring warm, aromatic elements to drink recipes. 

To take your bartending talents to the next level, however, get ready to bring a bit of fire into your mixology practice and elevate your cocktail-making abilities with a torched spice. Simply hold the cinnamon stick next to a flame lit by either your kitchen torch or stove. The cinnamon stick is a slow burn, so it won't catch on fire quickly and take you by surprise. Still, you should keep an eye on the stick itself as the intensity of the applied flame will determine how long it takes for the cinnamon to start smoking.

Turn up the heat with smoking spice

Once the end of the cinnamon stick begins to smoke, a flavorful essence will be released into your drink-making workspace, and wispy tendrils will captivate guests long before your drink reaches their lips. A smoking cinnamon stick doesn't simply add aesthetic appeal; The heated spice brings a comforting essence to most recipes. Consider garnishing your favorite tropical iced cocktails made with coconut and rum with heated cinnamon sticks, or deepen the classic flavors of a smooth old fashioned with the smoky cinnamon touch. A zesty Paloma cocktail can be enhanced with the presence of a torched cinnamon stick, and many of your go-to dessert drinks can be served with this fiery garnish. 

As you plan to use this fun party trick at your next dinner party, keep the flavor profile of toasted cinnamon sticks in mind as you mix your cocktails. Whether you're serving a Manhattan or stirring amaretto into glasses, a smoky cinnamon stick will magnify the sweeter nuances of your recipes and enhance any of the spicier elements that might be present in your cocktails.