Fresh Summer Mango And Toast Is A Match Made In Heaven

Mangoes are basically desserts in fruit form. When combined with the savory, crunchy texture of warmed pieces of golden toast, this duo is one that can brighten any morning and add sparkle to the dullest of afternoons. If you are a fan of fresh jam adorning your morning slices of sourdough or rye, consider adding cubes of mangoes on top of your buttered toast for an even sweeter breakfast idea that screams summer.

When mangoes are in season, lovers of this juicy fruit are richly rewarded, and the tempting, fleshy mango can cool even the muggiest of summer days. Sliced thin, mangoes can be placed on top of bread to create your idea of a perfect snack or meal. If you're already a mango guacamole convert, get ready to transform basic breakfasts with a few slices of sweet mango and perfectly toasted pieces of bread. Brighter days are guaranteed with this juicy, satisfying treat.

An easy recipe with options

Once you've discovered the magic combination that is fresh mango and toasted bread, you can experiment with your preferred choice of flavors. First, peel and ready your mango for your culinary creations.

Those craving a bit more heat can experiment with topping mango toast with red pepper flakes and splashes of hot sauce to deliver a dish that packs spice. Or if you want a snack that can sweeten up a slow weekday, top your mango toast with flakes of coconut and chocolate shavings.

Serve these sweeter treats with drizzles of honey and sprinkles of cinnamon, or turn your dish into a more savory affair with peanut butter and tahini, chunky flakes of salt, and freshly chopped herbs.

This treat is good enough to repeat often, and with so many flavor varieties to try, you'll never be bored of putting together another plate of mango toast.