The Unexpected Item You Can Use To Peel Mango Fast

Peeling fruit can be tricky, especially mangos. The thinner the fruit's skin, the more challenging the peeling process may be. In fact, Reader's Digest says that some fruits shouldn't be peeled at all. In contrast, the magazine also states that tropical fruits should always be peeled, including mango.

There are many ways to peel a mango. Delish recommends cutting a grid on each half of the mango, then separating the flesh from the fruit with a paring knife or spoon. Great British Chefs suggests removing as much skin as possible by trimming the sides of each previously cut section of fruit. Regardless of which technique you've relied on before, you must try using this unexpected item to peel a mango.

First, select your fruit wisely. Color doesn't always mean the mango is ripe (via Mango). Instead of looking at outer appearances, hold the mango in your hand and give it a little squeeze. If the fruit gives a bit, it's ripe and ready for picking.

Use a water glass to peel a mango

If you're ready to learn a hack that enables you to peel mango quickly and with little effort, you've come to the right place. According to a YouTube video shared by SAVEUR Magazine, you can use a water glass to effectively peel a mango. You read that right: Open your cupboard and grab a water glass. You'll soon be on your way to perfectly peeled fruit.

To do this, start by using a sharp knife to cut the mango in half. Grab one of the fruit halves and rest it on the side of the water glass, skin facing outward. Align the lip of the glass between the mango's skin and the fruit's flesh. Carefully glide the fruit down the length of the glass, separating the fruit from the skin. Discard the peel and remove the fruit from the water glass. Slice and dice the mango to your liking. Enjoy!