How Dominique Ansel Takes Bacon Sandwiches To The Next Level

Ingredients that start with the letter "B" make beautiful sandwiches, and how French pastry chef Dominique Ansel crafts his bacon sandwich is edible proof. When the British make their famous bacon sandwich dubbed the "bacon butty," they use a couple of slices of white bread, lightly toasted, butter, bacon, and a little ketchup or brown sauce; However, per Food & Wine, to make his version of this meaty sandwich, Ansel swaps out the slices of bread for a baguette, transforming it into a bacon butter baguette. 

Beyond the alliteration, the baguette is a satisfying addition to this bacon sandwich. Its crispy crust and chewy interior add texture, flavor, and even a hearty structure to this British staple. But the baguette's tangy flavor is also a bright addition to the bacon butty. If this riff sounds familiar, that's because the French have a similar sandwich called jambon beurre, which uses ham, butter, and a baguette. The assembling of Ansel's version of the bacon butty is the same as that of the original but with a couple modifications.

Baby go back bacon

For this quintessential English hangover snack, Ansel ditches the ketchup and instead blends sherry with butter to spread on the toasted baguette. This spirit adds both sweet and nutty flavors to the butter, along with a hint of fruit that compliments the savory bacon of this simple sandwich. Of course, not all British people like their bacon butty with ketchup – some prefer a brown sauce that is similar to Worcestershire. 

Then, when it comes to the piece de resistance of this meal, Ansel opts for frying up back bacon. This type of bacon is cut from the center of the pork loin and is touted as being super flavorful having been seasoned, cured, and smoked. You can easily use American bacon and this bacon, butter, and baguette sandwich will still taste amazing, but if you are hoping to try back bacon, look for it at a specialty or gourmet market or butcher.