Homemade Parisian Jambon-Beurre Sandwich on a rustic wooden board on a black surface, top view. Flat lay, overhead, from above.
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The Classic French Sandwich That’s Literally Just Ham And Butter
When you're truly hungry, nothing beats a sandwich that’s fast and frill-free, and one of the world’s simplest, most delicious sandwiches is found in France. Highlighting wholesome ingredients and letting flavor speak for itself, the French jambon-beurre, or Parisien sandwich, is the ultimate expression of “less is more.”
The jambon-beurre is made with only three ingredients: bread, butter, and ham, and quality is key. A proper Parisien should be made by topping an artisanal French baguette with a thick layer of high-fat salted French butter and a few layers of silky Jambon de Paris, a French-style wet-cured ham with a clean flavor.
This sandwich has remained a French staple because of the accessibility of the ingredients and how easy it is to make and eat. Competition from fast food joints has the homemade jambon-beurre as France's favorite fast bite, but many eaters will always love the sandwich and its place in French culinary heritage.