What Is Liquid Death? The Canned Water Trend, Explained

Bottled water is something almost everyone has consumed at one point or another. It's convenient to grab a bottle at the grocery store or gas station in order to keep hydrated while on the go. And it seems like just when everyone was getting used to drinking water from a plastic bottle, another type of container arrived on the scene, and that container is in the form of an aluminum can. One company that sells water in cans has gained a huge following due to its social media audience (they currently have nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and 3 million followers on TikTok), eye-catching can design that features a skull, and a brand slogan of "murder your thirst."

That company is Liquid Death, and despite its immense popularity and social media following, it isn't the first company to release water in aluminum cans. The success of flavored, fizzy water brands such as La Croix and Bubly, both of which serve water from cans, are well documented — yet Bubly, which has been around as long as Liquid Death currently has under 50,000 followers on Instagram. And in the instance of La Croix, the brand has been around for 40 years, and although it's also popular, it isn't a water that's widely available for purchase as a single can and is mostly sold in a 12-pack. So what is it about Liquid Death, a company that formed in 2017, that helped it to gain a robust following in a short amount of time?

Bottled water doesn't have to come from plastic

Perhaps part of their success can be attributed to the fact that their brand is just different than any other water company out there. The company has partnered with celebrities to endorse their product and reinforce its edgy branding, such as an ad campaign featuring musician Travis Barker. The company also embraces sustainability. According to information on Liquid Death's website, the company uses the aluminum container and even encourages "death to plastic" as a way to be more environmentally friendly. Even though many of us have gotten used to drinking bottled water, those plastic bottles are not the best option for the planet. As the water brand's website explains, there are various challenges that can arise from trying to recycle plastic, mainly that it is very expensive to do, whereas aluminum is far easier to recycle.

Another reason for its popularity could be its availability in social settings. Liquid Death can be found at many venues and bars, and for those who are acting as a designated driver, or simply don't consume alcohol, drinking water from a trendy-looking aluminum can is more appealing than a clear plastic bottle. In addition to their availability, the company offers flat and sparkling water, iced tea, and flavored waters with names that are in line with their tongue-in-cheek branding. Such flaors include "convicted melon," "berry it alive," and "rest in peach." Although the brand has seen a meteoric rise in the six years since it became available, there's no way to know what's next for the water company — but if its growth trend continues, they're sure to be around for years to come.