Liven Up Bland Guacamole With A Jerk Spice Boost

We've all been there. Whether you picked up a container of guacamole from the store, ordered it out at a restaurant, or made it for yourself at home — sometimes the flavors in your guacamole just aren't there. There's truly nothing more disappointing, but fortunately, there's a quick fix to that. While a squeeze of fresh lime is the usual go-to, there's one spice blend that will give your guacamole the Caribbean twist it's begging for — jerk seasoning.

While it's eaten year-round, guacamole is best enjoyed in the sunshine. Whether you're laying by the pool, on the beach, or hanging out in your backyard with a beer in hand, there's something about it that always hits the spot. Originating in Jamaica, where it's sunny and bright year-in and year-out, jerk seasoning naturally plays into that. Made from a mixture of allspice, thyme, nutmeg, onion, spicy scotch bonnet peppers, and brown sugar, jerk spice is an unconventional add-in for guacamole. But once you try it, you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it sooner.

How to make jerk spice guacamole

While you can make your own jerk seasoning at home, for the sake of time and convenience you may want to just buy a blend from the store. With a blend on hand, you can easily whip up a batch of jerk guacamole at home or mix it into the container you picked up from the store to give it a wholesome, summertime spice. To go above and beyond, you can also add things like chopped pineapples and mangoes, along with the traditional fresh lime and chopped red onions for an even more tropical flavor.

Creamy, spicy, and slightly tangy, jerk guacamole is everything your summer BBQ is missing and your guests are sure to eat it all up. Serve it as it's intended, alongside salty tortilla chips, jicama sticks, or grilled plantain, on top of rice bowls with freshly grilled shrimp, or the fan favorite way with jerk chicken. Whether in the form of wings, tacos, or sandwiches, you won't be disappointed with the taste of this spin on a classic side dish.