14 Ways To Sweeten Up Guacamole

When you think of avocados, it's funny how fruit doesn't typically come to mind. Maybe it's due to their vibrant green color, or the earthy yet creamy taste, which is far from the sweetness we associate with fruits. Or could it be that they're most often found in savory recipes? Interestingly enough, beyond savory, this beloved fruit is one of the most diverse in the world. An ancient food that predates the 16th century, what's interesting is that it was originally prepared as a sauce.

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to enjoy avocados is when it's mashed into creamy chunks and mixed with various ingredients, otherwise known as guacamole. From mild to spicy, earthy to zestfully tangy, it's a treat that excites the palate. Guacamole inherits its complimentary flavor from its mother fruit avocado, whose buttery canvas allows for a wide range of interesting combinations.

One thing you likely don't think about when it comes to guacamole is sweetness. You might even ask, "What in the world is sweet guacamole?" After the initial shock relents, you'll be even more surprised to find that pairing sweet ingredients with guacamole opens up a whole new world of flavor you didn't know you needed to experience. To prepare your palate for a whirlwind of deliciousness, we put together a list of ways to sweeten up your guacamole.

Add mangoes for a refreshing sweetness

The only thing complex about this super simple mango guacamole recipe is its array of flavors. Add juicy chunks of mango to the mix for a sweetness that's refreshing and satisfying. The buttery taste of avocado provides a creamy canvas for the ingredients to bring out different qualities. Get a kick from spicy jalapeño and red onion, with a dash of cumin. While aromatic cilantro and citrus lime juice bring brightness to the guac's salty notes.

From celebrating Cinco de Mayo to enjoying snacks while watching Sunday's thrilling game, this dip is a definite people pleaser. It's awesome for dipping your favorite tortilla chips, but also goes well with burritos, fajitas, and tasty chili. If you wanna cut down the time it takes to make this guacamole, mangoes can be purchased pre-cut and ready to blend in. A good sign for ripe mangoes is when they have darker orange flesh, as lighter skin tones aren't as juicy.

Pomegranate is perfect for a tarty twist

This unlikely ingredient is sure to spruce up your guacamole recipe: tart pomegranate arils. Adding a bittersweet touch to seasoning like salt, cumin, and cayenne pepper, the arils are like miniature fruit bombs. They're also rich in antioxidants, which help to protect your cells from disease-causing free radicals. In other words, this healthy guacamole recipe is not only super tasty but nutritious as well.

Festive and flavorful, joining the party are crumbles of queso fresco, bringing a mild yet tangy accent that's totally distinct from pomegranate's fruity tones. When paired, it takes your tongue for a twist, before fusing together nicely. Along with enjoying oversized scoops with tortilla chips, you can top your tacos off, spread some into your burrito, or add a final delicious touch to a plate of nachos. In less than ten minutes of prep, this mash-up will definitely add a bit of brightness to your day.

Dice up crisp green apple for extra bite

A crisp and refreshing way to jazz up your guacamole is with diced green apples. They're the secret ingredient used to add a bit of sweet and tart zest to the Grand Residences Riviera Cancun guacamole recipe, a trick credited to its former executive Chef Yann Councesic. It's an unlikely fruit pairing that's sure to send your imagination for a loop, that is until it actually makes contact with your taste buds. You'll find that the green apple's noticeable tang plays well with the spicy zap of chopped onions and serrano chilis, while lime juice helps bring out its fruity attributes.

Crunchy apple chunks also add bite, making the guacamole texture more dynamic. You'll also benefit from green apples' rich fiber and prebiotic qualities that are great for digestive health. In this case, an apple a day won't keep your doctor away from this delicious treat. You can enjoy a scoop with tortilla chips or spread it on a sandwich if you're really daring. It's a great way to liven up the traditional recipe, and a surefire way to make an impression on guests at your next house party.

Pineapple infuses candy-like sweetness

When juices from this fruit infuse into your guacamole, it gives you the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Take traditional recipes up a notch with the refreshing taste of pineapple. It's a great pairing for the flavors of lime juice and cilantro, adding to the overall zest. Sweetness brings balance to the sharp kick of jalapeño and red onion, while chopped chunks give texture to its creamy consistency. It's definitely a guacamole recipe you'll want to make, and can be whipped up in as little as 15 minutes.

Pineapples serve as excellent fruit substitutes for chopped tomatoes. They can be consumed as is, or pre-grilled to give them a slightly smokey char. Each bite combines delicious earthiness with full-bodied flavor and a candy-like coating. Not only do pineapples add flavor, but they also bring a punch of vibrant colors. Although guacamole is already nutrient-dense, you'll also receive an additional boost of vitamin C. That means you can support your immune system and munchies at the same time.

Make your summer hang cooler with watermelon

Perfect for a summer get-together, watermelon guacamole is equal parts refreshing and appetizing. This unexpected pairing is a conversation starter that will attract adventurous palates and timid taste testers alike. Watermelon's cool juices level out the jalapeño's peppery tinge, giving your creamy guacamole fruity and spicy undertones. It also provides extra hydration, is low in calories, and comes packed with antioxidants, which, as mentioned, help reduce the possibility of developing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Mini seedless watermelons are recommended for this recipe, yet if you don't mind a little crunch, the seeds are also filled with beneficial nutrients like magnesium, iron, "good" fats, and zinc (via Healthline). When chopped into smaller chunks, the watermelon flavor is light yet super sweet, while diced red onion, chilis, and minced garlic cloves work as aromatic and zestful counterparts. This recipe goes best with dips, as the melon's flavoring may overwhelm when added to toast and sandwiches.

Papaya is the fruit bomb you're missing

Besides the usual starting lineup of ingredients found in traditional guacamole, make sure to invite papaya to the party next time. Whether using the sweeter yellow variety or the more subtle red or pink types, its melon taste provides a pleasing texture to the overall creamy consistency. Along with the refreshing taste of its radiant-colored pulp, papaya is filled with edible seeds. You may be tempted to discard them, but we recommend you keep some for your recipe.

Besides being rich in protein, fat, and fiber, they can also be ground into a powder. With a spicy watercress flavor, those who enjoy exploring new culinary frontiers can even use it as a substitute for black pepper, which is ironic because papaya seeds resemble peppercorns. The best part about this spice hack is that it doesn't take very long to make, and the powder can be saved for future recipes. Referred to in Spanish as "fruta bomba," this fruit is not only a bomb-tasting addition but is also loaded with vitamin C.

Mix with peaches for a florally sweet flavor

This sun-kissed fruit pairing is right up the alley for those who love delicious peach salsa. Why not go a step further by testing this tried and true sweetener with savory guacamole? With a perfectly picked ripe peach, chopped and mixed alongside piquant jalapeños, you'll be in guac heaven in no time. We recommend going for the white-flesh type, which has a floral sweetness that contrasts well against the salty profile.

If the peaches your local grocery store has in stock aren't perfectly ripe, you can quicken the process by sealing them in a paper bag with a banana. You'll know they're ready when the skin is slightly softened, has a darkened yellow color, and smells sweet. For some peppery pizzaz, you can use chipotles in place of jalapeños, which will provide a nice touch of smokiness that's reminiscent of grilled peaches. Whichever direction your tastebuds lead you, along with dip, peach guacamole is great as a topper for juicy burgers, chicken breasts, or fish filets.

Enjoy creamy deliciousness with peanut butter

You'll never guess this unique hack to ultra-flavorful guacamole: peanut butter. On first thought, you may turn your nose up at such a suggestion, but these two creamy cousins have lots in common. Both can be enjoyed chunky or buttery, work well as spreads and dips, and are loaded with health-supporting nutrients. While peanut butter brings a toasted nutty sweetness, guacamole carries an earth-like mildness that makes them blend surprisingly well.

One way to try this odd couple is on a slice of toasted bread, half and half, with one side spread with guacamole and the other with peanut butter. If you're ready to swim in more flavorful waters, mix them together in a bowl and let your taste buds ride the mouthwatering wave. This mixture also goes together great with various types of berries, and ingredients like chia seeds, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, and even a few drops of honey. Blending in your choice of seeds and berries will add texture to this creamy combo, with each bite containing a tiny surprise.

Chocolate gives it a fun dessert-like taste

Guac purists need not apply for this head-scratching combination. Although once you try it, you will have fully stepped beyond mere sweet guac into dessert guac territory. Whether due to some random kitchen accident or a result of culinary experimentation, someone discovered that chocolate and avocados taste awesome together. It just so happens that the bitter and sweet confection fits right in with guacamole's subtle earthiness. Invite family and friends to take a dip on the wide side by trying this unique combination.

When avocados are ripe, their creamy texture makes blending ingredients quick and easy, whereas their mild taste allows each flavor to come through. This fun guacamole recipe is perfect for those with serious sweet tooths who are also looking for a healthy boost. According to Hopkins Medicine, chocolate is known to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Replacing traditional ingredients, you'll need vanilla extract, a sweetener like honey, agave, or stevia, along with cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips. All it takes is 15 minutes to make this dessert dream a reality. To balance your sweet excursion, we recommend enjoying this special dip with spicy tortilla chips.

Try honey for silky and saccharine satisfaction

Make life a little bit sweeter by adding honey to your guacamole. This ingredient is the piece you didn't know your puzzle was missing. Silky and saccharine, honey takes a slight departure from the traditional flavors you're used to. Sticklers for savory guac will find that this recipe retains all the usual components; minced garlic, a pinch of lime juice, ground salt, and black pepper, along with cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro. The inclusion of honey infuses a subtle sweetness that doesn't overwhelm.

Delicious and nutritious according to Mayo Clinic, honey is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial. Those qualities join avocados' vitamin-rich health benefits. As you may expect, this honey guacamole recipe is awesome for chip-dipping and toast-spreading. The tangy taste of lime takes especially well to honey, adding roundness without dulling the brighter tones. Put a flavorful spin on your next Cinco de Mayo get-together by making honey guacamole the sweet centerpiece of the snack table.

Enhance your formula with raspberry fruitiness

For a berry tasty experience, include raspberries with your guac recipe. It's a refreshing remedy to an unbearable summer day heatwave. Tart and juicy, raspberries are also potassium-rich, help support healthy heart function, and are a proven way to lower blood pressure (via WebMD). When your food is satisfying and nutrient-heavy, you have a winning formula. Raspberries are an excellent substitute for tomatoes, providing the same freshness while enhancing the flavor profile with fruitiness.

It's a great topping for raw veggies, dipping corn tortilla chips, or as a burger sandwich spread, and if you're really daring, you can even try it with baked sweet potatoes. In fact, whenever you're looking to throw a delicious curveball in your cooking game, try this new spin on guacamole. Sure to liven up any party setting, with this raspberry twist you'll never be accused of having boring appetizers. After you've tried out this delicious duo, make it a tasty trio by mixing in dark chocolate chips.

Brighten things up with sweet and tart strawberries

Of course, we couldn't forget the most popular berry of the bunch. Toss some chopped strawberries into your savory guacamole to give it a burst of sweet and tart goodness. Vibrant and eye-catching, few foods bring an aesthetic to life like bright strawberries peppered with tiny white seeds. It's also great for those following a Paleo diet, as long as you hold the salt, and let the natural flavors of the combined ingredients do the work. If your diet has no salt restrictions, you'll still benefit health-wise from the vitamin C and manganese found in strawberries.

When choosing which berry to go with, it really comes down to preference. Each will raise your guacamole's freshness bar while adding delicious complexity. Whichever you choose, you'll certainly bring an exciting twist to traditional guacamole. When you visit your local grocery store to grab a fresh batch of strawberries, a quick way to determine whether or not they're ripe is by making sure each is uniformly red and firm. Once the sweet juices mix with citrusy lime juice, aromatic cilantro, and hot habanero peppers, it'll be like flavor firecrackers exploding in your mouth.

Get a healthy dose of goodness from bananas

Super Bowl parties will never be the same with this fruitastic addition. Probably considered the most popular fruit in the world, bananas are pretty magical in how well they blend with a wide range of savory and sweet recipes. This flavor pairing might be hard to imagine at first, but one thing's for sure, the kitchen is made for experimentation. It's also super healthy. According to WebMD, bananas are packed with vitamin C, potassium, and many other useful nutrients. Your tongue will love you, and your body will love you even more.

Ripe bananas actually have a similar consistency to ripe avocados, which makes them ideal for blending. That means this recipe can be made for those who prefer chunky as well as those who favor creamy. If you really wanna take your tongue on a walk through flavortown, this recipe can also be made by substituting avocados with bananas entirely. Just mash them up with the typical ingredients you'd normally use: minced garlic and parsley, serrano peppers, lime juice, and you can't forget salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Pair with sweet potato for a superfood boost

Probably the wildest ingredient you'd ever think to pair, this sweet potato guacamole recipe will even have neighbors knocking on your door asking for it. Once boiled and peeled, sweet potatoes can be mashed into the same creamy consistency. What's really fun about this recipe is that combining the two will give you orange-colored guacamole. Guests will surely be surprised to see this unique dipping choice next to the tortilla chips, and we bet its vibrant color will make them curious enough to try it.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, and just one will give you more than your recommended daily dose. Along with many of the fruits on this list, and like avocados, it's considered a superfood. Putting two superfoods together is like delivering a love letter to your body, the health benefits are undeniable. If you've ever made a loaded sweet potato, you know it takes incredibly well to savory ingredients, and this recipe is no different.