12 Secret Menu Items At Burger King You Need To Try

Ordering secret menu items is something special. It demonstrates you have a kind of insider knowledge, and are aware of dishes the regular public doesn't even know exist. Like many restaurants, Burger King has its own secret menu. And as you might expect, many of those secret menu items involve a variation of the iconic Whopper sandwich — but it isn't all Whopper-centric. It contains an expected riposte to a legendary item from the McDonald's secret menu and an upscaled version BK fans can use to go one better. You can also get the best of both worlds from your side choices, as well as employ a technique to combine your drink and dessert. And there's even a method to transform Burger King's fairly mediocre chicken sandwich into one of the best chicken options on any menu anywhere.

Theoretically, Burger King should be one of the easier places to order secret menu items from. The chain's tagline is "Have it Your Way," and what's more "your way" than a quirky combination of items designed to produce something unique, interesting, and flavorsome? So, without further ado, here are the secret menu items you should consider trying next time you find yourself standing at Burger King's counter.

1. The Burger King BLT

This is one of the simpler secret menu items to order and is also one of the best. A "BLT" is a sandwich involving three key ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. On the face of it, it's a pretty simple dish — but you can put some extra effort in if you want spectacular results. You can also get a BK version of the BLT, though as it's from "Burger" King, you can expect a big beef disc in there too. 

Ordering a BK BLT couldn't be easier: just add bacon to a Whopper and you're set. The chain's flagship sandwich already contains bacon and lettuce among its toppings, as well as mayonnaise — the preferred BLT condiment for many of the iconic sandwich's connoisseurs. Although it's a simple addition, bacon adds a lot to the Whopper. The smoky, salty, flavor is very welcome, and the crunchy texture stands out in what is a very soft sandwich. As the lettuce at Burger King can be hit or miss, sometimes the chain's rubbery pickles are the closest you'll get to a bit of crunch in a whopper. Adding bacon only costs $0.80, too, so the BK BLT may become a go-to for many of the chain's regulars.

2. The Mustard Whopper

If a Whopper sounds appealing, but you have a deep dislike for mayo and ketchup, then you can just order the burger sans sauce and be done with it. If that sounds distressingly dry, though, you're a good candidate for the "Mustard Whopper." If the name doesn't give it away, the Mustard Whopper is what you receive when you order a Whopper and replace its standard ketchup and mayo combo with a reasonable amount of mustard. It costs the same as a regular Whopper and is likely subject to any promotions or offers that involve said Whoppers. 

In terms of flavor, the mustard is surprisingly prominent. American yellow mustard isn't strong stuff, so we were shocked this actually stood out so much. It isn't too bad either. If you're a real mustard lover, this could be your go-to order at Burger King. For everyone else, it may be more of a tried-it-once and moved-on type of deal. For people who are seeking fewer calories in their fast food, it is also worth pointing out that mustard is essentially calorie-free, whereas other sauces can be quite calorie-dense — though switching out your sauces will make far less of a difference than opting for a diet soda over a standard option.

3. The Quad Stacker

This secret menu item has a more controversial name on TikTok, but if you're ordering it at the counter, staff know it as the "Quad Stacker." It contains four burger patties, four slices of cheese, bacon on top, and Burger King's standard burger sauces. The patties in question are the regular hamburger patties, not the larger ones used for Whoppers and other premium burgers. We've heard of the Quad Stacker costing as little as $3.99, presumably in the parts of the country where a bacon cheeseburger costs $1 and patties can be added for an extra $1 apiece. In New York, ours cost a comparatively princely $6.59 plus tax.

So, what can you expect from a Quad Stacker? When you hold it in your hands, it's basically a meat apple. It's a roughly similar size, and you're going to struggle to attack this without coating the area around your mouth in a layer of grease. In terms of flavor, salt is what you'll predominantly taste, along with the fatty flavors of beef, bacon, and cheese. These are things our bodies crave on a deep level, and this one ticks some very primal boxes.

4. Frings

Do you like fries? Do you like onion rings? Do you only have enough money for one of the sides? Then ask your server for "frings" and you'll end up with the best of both worlds. If you haven't already guessed, "frings" is a container half filled with fries and half filled with BK's onion rings. It's billed as "fries," and ours cost $2.69 for a small soze.

In terms of flavor, Burger King's fries aren't bad at all. They're not as good as McDonald's — at least when you catch McDonald's on a good day and get the fries fresh out of the frier — but they're better than a lot of other fast food establishments. The onion rings are also capable of doing their job. They aren't anything special, and there are no discernable onion parts in there — it's just a breaded, deep-fried, onion-flavored, mass. But it hits the spot, and the combination is a better option than just sticking to fries or opting for onion rings alone.

5. The BK Chicken Parm

Burger King's original chicken sandwich isn't the chain's strongest offering. The "chicken" itself is thin, pretty flavorless, and obviously not made from actual sections of chicken breast as you'll find at some other chains. But there is a way to give it some new life. The BK Chicken Parm is so good that it's actually quite startling that you don't see it on the regular menu. This sandwich is made by combining a plain (that's no toppings) version of the original chicken sandwich with a four-pack of mozzarella sticks and the marinara dip the sticks come with. The four sticks cover the long chicken patty perfectly, and there is just enough sauce to provide as much moisture and tomato flavor as you need.

The sandwich itself cost us $5.19, and the mozzarella sticks set us back $2.49 — which puts the BK Chicken Parm firmly within premium sandwich territory. Despite this, it's worth every penny. It is genuinely one of the better sandwiches you can order from Burger King, and everyone needs to try it at least once.

6. The BK Club

While it may not be the highest quality chicken item even offered by a fast food outlet, the Burger King original chicken sandwich is pretty versatile. You can make a fast food version of a club sandwich with it by simply adding a couple of ingredients. Throw bacon, tomato, and American cheese on top of a standard chicken sandwich and you'll have created the King's version of the popular bar food. Adding tomato is free, but the bacon will set you back an extra $0.80, and you'll be paying $0.60 for the cheese.

The tomato topping adds a lot to Burger King's flagship chicken offering. It pairs well with the meat patty and adds some welcome moisture to the sandwich as a whole. The bacon also couples well with the chicken and adds a salty kick to the normally underseasoned sandwich. However, the cheese doesn't seem to add a lot to the BK Club beyond an extra bit of saltiness that the bacon already has covered. So if you're looking for something to cut, then leave off the cheddar.

7. The Frozen Coke float

Some secret menu items seem strange at first but grow on you as time goes on. The Frozen Coke Float is one of these items. Customers looking to combine dessert with a soft drink may already be satisfied with Burger King's frozen Coke. The extra ice adds a new dimension to the popular beverage. But adding some soft serve and turning it into a "float" takes things to a whole new level.

The Burger King staff only seem to have charged us $1 for a vanilla cup when we ordered this frozen treat, but prices may vary depending on location. To order a frozen Coke float, simply ask for a frozen Coke with a little ice cream on top. The result is a kind of Coca-Cola-flavored milkshake. It's a little strange at first, with the ice cream dominating the start of the sip and the Coke flavor pushing through toward the end. But it's definitely something that you'll come to love. The sweetness and creaminess the ice cream brings to the table definitely take the frozen Coke to the next level. This is probably an ideal choice for people who can't decide between drink and dessert on a hot summer day.

8. The King's Surf and Turf

Nothing divides opinion like the fish option on a fast food menu. Some swear by the breaded and fried whitefish squares, while others seem repulsed by them. If you're in the former category then it may be worth trying the King's Surf and Turf. This combines the one fish option currently on the Burger King menu, the Big Fish, with the classic Whopper sandwich. 

There are two ways of ordering the King's Surf and Turf, and the way you choose will mostly depend on your sauce preferences. If beef and tartar sauce sounds like a good combo, order the Big Fish as is and get a plain Whopper on the side before, making sure to tell the Burger King staff to just throw the Whopper patty in with the fish sandwich. Otherwise, you can do what we did and order a standard Whopper with the fish patty added to it. If you opt for the whopper-dominant combo, you'll discover how well pickles work with breaded fish. Beyond that, the experience is a bit like eating a Whopper with a fishy aftertaste. Some of the secret menu items listed here are genuinely good, but we worry this one may be more of a "try it to say you've tried it" situation.

9. The XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger

You may not visit Burger King for a taste of Europe, but it's easy enough to experience one. Similarly, visitors to the U.K. need not dismay when they spot what may be their favorite burger missing from the menu. It's there, you just have to know what to ask for. 

Getting an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger stateside isn't too difficult. There is an extremely similar menu item available called the "Bacon King." It contains two Whopper-sized meat patties, copious amounts of cheese, and a few slices of smoked bacon to top everything off. The only difference between the two dishes is the sauce. The Bacon King is topped with ketchup and mayo, while the XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger is totally sauceless. So to get what is arguably the most popular BK entree in the U.K., you just need to order a Bacon King without sauce.

In terms of flavor, this is remarkably similar to the Quad Stack. You get a lot of saltiness from the beef, cheese, bacon, and seasoning. The lack of sauce makes the bacon's flavor stand out a lot more, so if you're a fan of fried pig belly then the XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger may be your best option. This is a full-sized sandwich and one of the most expensive items on the menu. It set us back $8.89 for the sandwich alone, though prices vary throughout the country.

10. The BK Bird 'N Beef

When you're talking about fast food secret menu items, one name springs to mind. It's a name we can't write here, but it's a popular combination of menu items, namely the McChicken and the McDouble, from Burger King's competitor McDonald's. The good news is, you can create a Burger King version of the chicken and beef combo using items from the Burger King menu — and the result is delicious. The BK Bird 'N Beef is what you get when you prise apart the two cheese-coated patties of one of Burger King's double cheeseburgers and slap a Jr. Chicken in between them. The double cheeseburger cost us $2.99, and the Jr. Chicken was a relatively austere $1.59, bringing the total cost of this sandwich to $4.58.

It's hard to describe the flavor of the Bird 'N Beef since there's a lot going on between the two complete sandwiches. It's almost decadent in the traditional sense of the word, as it could well symbolize the gradual decay of our society. But ultimately, who cares? It tastes great. The extra bun does a lot to offset the saltiness of the beef and cheese combo, while the chicken's breading adds some very welcome texture to the center of the sandwich. This is a must-try secret menu item.

11. The Royal Bird 'N Beef

You can combine the cheapest chicken sandwich on the menu with one of Burger King's relatively small double cheeseburgers to get a standard Bird 'n' Beef. But why would you cheap out at an establishment that has built its brand around a pseudo-association with royalty? If you want to leave the discount options to the local peasantry, you can opt to create a "Royal Bird 'N Beef" by combining two of the chain's premium sandwiches. The Royal Bird 'N Beef can also be upscaled with a number of optional extras if you're feeling particularly regal (or just particularly hungry).

To create the Royal Bird 'N Beef, combine a $6.29 Whopper with a $5.49 Crispy Chicken. You can upscale the sandwich further by adding a second patty to the Whopper, adding cheese, or opting for the spicy variety of the chicken sandwich.

The extra money really isn't wasted as you can taste the quality that comes with the premium sandwich choices. The Crispy Chicken really stands out as Burger King seems to have used actual chicken breast for this one instead of the reformed, reshaped stuff. The seasoning on the chicken is also apparent, as you can clearly taste it through the Whopper toppings. On the downside, the sandwich is pretty huge, so you may have a spot of jaw ache by the time you've made your way through it. All in all, this is a secret menu item fit for a King.

12. Out-of-season Angry Whopper

The Angry Whopper came out a few years ago and gave the world a spicy variant of Burger King's long-running flagship sandwich. However, the Angry Whopper was only around for a limited time, likely leaving spice lovers disappointed at its departure and eagerly awaiting its return. (We also happen to think Burger King needs to bring it back.) While the sandwich has cropped up in different locations around the world in recent times, you don't have to book an emergency flight to get your hands on a similar sandwich. You don't even have to wait for its return to the U.S. You can construct something very Angry Whopper-like right now — if you know what to order.

First, order a standard Whopper and dump the ketchup. Then replace said ketchup with the spicy sauce from the Spicy Melt. Then you'll want to add some jalapeños and bacon. The bacon isn't "thick cut," but you're unlikely to notice that much of a difference. There isn't a straight substitute for the breaded "onion petals" featured on the original Angry Whopper either, but if you really care, then onion rings are close enough.

In terms of taste, it is incredibly close to the original Angry Whopper. It's also available year-round as things stand. This secret menu item's viability seems to hinge on the availability of Burger King's Melts – or the Spicy Melt, to be precise. If that sandwich disappears and there's no other source of jalapeños and spicy sauce, this secret menu item may disappear, too.