Burger King Debuts Spicy Chicken Fries On Its Spring Menu

If you're a Burger King fan and lover of all things spicy, you've got good reason to celebrate. According to a press release from the company, participating locations of the chain across the U.S. will debut a fiery new menu addition: Spicy Chicken Fries.

Chicken Fries are no stranger to the fast-food giant. Burger King first launched these breaded and fried chicken strips in 2005 but stopped offering them in 2012. However, after a fan-driven campaign to bring the menu item back, it returned through a limited run in 2014.

Since permanently reinstating Chicken Fries in 2015, Burger King has experimented with a handful of variations, including Buffalo Chicken Fries and Pretzel Chicken Fries. Now, with the latest iteration, the chain is aiming to satisfy taste buds with a "blend of spices that are sure to pack a punch." This new limited-time offering will be available from March 6 through May 14.

Burger King's Melts are also set to return

Fast-food aficionados are in for yet another treat this spring, as Burger King has announced that its Melts will also return for the same duration as the Spicy Chicken Fries. The sandwiches, which made their nationwide debut in March 2022 (via Burger King), will come back in its original three varieties — each featuring two Whopper Jr. patties between two slices of toasted bread but with its own unique twist.

The Classic Melt includes melted American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce. The Spicy Melt adds jalapeños to the mix and contains a spicy creamy sauce instead of Stacker Sauce. Finally, for those who can't resist the enticement of bacon, the Bacon Melt delivers by upgrading the Classic Melt with those crispy strips we can't get enough of.

Between the new Spicy Chicken Fries and the array of Melts, Burger King's spring menu is looking like a real treat for fast-food enthusiasts — whether you frequent the chain often or just want to try something new.