The Nostalgic Way To Add The Perfect Crunch To Your French Toast

You've already included pumpkin in the French toast you serve in the fall and tried stuffing pieces of bread with fruit to surprise the early risers in your household. If you're looking for another twist on this classic dish, get ready to bring even more murmurs of satisfaction to the breakfast table by adding your favorite cereal to French toast.

We all have that bowl of cereal that takes us back to our childhood. Whether your favorite cereal was Fruit Loops or Corn Flakes, remembering the simple pleasure of reading the back of cereal boxes while sitting at the table or mindlessly chowing down on a bowl of Cheerios while watching Saturday morning cartoons carries comforting memories for many. Now, the nostalgic flavors of your youth can be baked right into your morning plate of French toast.

To incorporate cereal into your French toast batter, first, place your favorite cereal in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to smash it into a fine powder. You can add this cereal dust to the custard you dip pieces of toast in or it can be whipped into the cream you plan to spoon on top of each finished portion to give a subtle but nostalgic flavor to every bite of French toast.

Let your cravings lead the way

To choose what cereal to add, you can think of the kinds of flavors you want your French toast to highlight, but we recommend letting your inner child experiment with the cereals you have in your pantry. Cinnabon cereal can amplify the spice of cinnamon you sprinkle into your French toast recipe, while Reese's puffs can lend the decadent taste of peanut butter to your custard mixture. For intense chocolate cravings, Kit Kat cereal turns the volume up with chocolatey sweetness and can complement any ginger spice you add to your recipe. To unleash the inner child of diners of all ages, cereals like Lucky Charms add both texture and a touch of playfulness to morning and brunch menus.

Don't be shy with the cereal add-ins either. Mix the ground cereal into the custard, sprinkle crushed cereal directly onto plates, whip the powder into creams and frostings, or combine the cereal with peanut butter and chocolate to spread on top of the sweetest plates of French toast you'll ever enjoy. If you have any leftover ground cereal after you've made your French toast, save it and fold it into your next batch of cookies.