Make Turkish-Style Lemonade For A Waste-Free Drink Down To The Pith

Making simple classic lemonade is a summer staple just about anywhere in the world and enjoying this refreshing drink is undoubtedly a global experience. However, depending on where you are, it gets prepared a little differently. If you ever find yourself in Turkey, you may be shocked by how delicious their rendition of lemonade is. 

Turkish-style lemonade is notably sweet, but the bold lemon flavor is still present in this drink — just without the more lip-puckering qualities that the yellow fruit typically brings. The secret to obtaining this complex yet well-balanced beverage is thanks to Turks opting to use all the parts of the lemon. Yes, even those bitter peels. So, if you're looking to cut down on your food waste or you're simply not big on sour flavor, try lemonade made the Turkish way.

Zest the entire lemon peel and add the piths for flavor

For Turkish-style lemonade, the peel is zested, the fruit is juiced, and even the biting pith has a purpose. The key to using the lemon zest is to make sure it gets rubbed into the sugar before being added to the liquid. This technique benefits the flavor because lemon zest contains aromatic oils that are brought out by the sugar's rough consistency after being mixed together. By grating the lemon zest straight into the sugar, you secure that refreshing citrus taste and a sweeter beverage.

The lemon juice is squeezed out and mixed with water, like in most recipes. And while you might assume the bitter pith must get tossed out, you'll want to hold onto it. Typically, this part of the lemon is plopped into the drink when it's finished being made, similar to how lemon slices can float around in the American version. This adds a subtle bite and fresh flavor, making for one of the best variations of lemonade you'll be happy you tried.