Don't Forget The Zest For More Flavorful Lemonade

There are few things more refreshing than homemade lemonade. The tangy and bitter punch of the citrus paired with sweet sugar creates a layered taste for such a simple beverage; It's hard to beat. Since lemonade requires so few ingredients, it may seem like an easy beverage to concoct. However, perfecting the measurements can seem near impossible.

A good lemonade has to balance two strong flavors and make them compatible without watering them down. Luckily, there are many tips you can use to start making your best lemonade yet. According to Kitchn, adding a pinch of salt may be the best thing to balance out your flavors. It will slightly tone down the sweetness while also adding vibrancy to the citrus. Another tip is to leave the lemons at room temperature before preparing them, as they will be juicier, per Commercial Appeal.

But, the best tip out there may include adding zest to your ingredient list.

The secret ingredient

According to food blogger Carolina Gelen, the secret ingredient to the best lemonade is rubbing lemon zest into the sugar. This process is so transformative in the lemonade because "the sugar's abrasive texture will help extract all the natural, fragrant oils in the lemon zest," according to the blogger. Bon Appétit says the essential oils in the peel have a bold and brilliant flavor that carries strong citrus flavors without added acidity.

Tasting Table notes that it's important to keep a few things in mind when zesting for your next batch of lemonade. First, distinguishing the rind from the zest is important to avoid overwhelming and bitter flavors. When zesting, you'll only want to get the yellow waxy external layer. If you begin to find the white peel, you should stop zesting and move to another spot on the fruit. The white layer is called the pith, and it won't have a pleasant taste if it winds up in your zest.

Some of our favorite recipes, including our fabulous frozen mint lemonade, include lemon zest, and we believe it makes a big difference. So, go forth and "zest" it out for yourself.