The Muffin Tin Hack For The Giant Citrus Ice Cubes You Deserve

Beautiful ice cubes are one of the most fun ways to make your beverages pop, whether you're making edible flowers to brighten spring drinks or using this clever trick for the juiciest mimosas. But sometimes we need to think a little bigger and if you're squinting trying to get a glimpse of the decorations in your ice cubes, try whipping out a muffin pan. Sure, these types of ice cubes may not fit in your average cup, but when you're serving drinks for a crowd, these will work perfectly in a pitcher or punch bowl. 

Instead of using smaller decorative items like flowers and herbs, try filling your muffin pan with lemon, lime, or orange slices. Not only will they stand out, but they'll gently add an acidic flavor to your drink as they melt, which will take longer than typical ice. Giant cubes work well in plain old water, juices, lemonades, sodas, and alcoholic beverages. 

How to make massive ice cubes with citrus slices and a muffin tin

It can be a little difficult to wiggle larger ice cubes out once frozen, so you're going to want to get a silicone muffin pan that's easy to bend. If all you have is a regular metal tin, try running warm water over the cubes for a few seconds to loosen them. And make sure to put the lemon or lime slices in the cups first, then fill them with water, so the fruit gets cemented in the ice and doesn't float. Just like with any other fun ice cube, try using distilled water so you can clearly see the pops of color shine through.

While this trick works perfectly with citrus slices, you don't have to stop there. You can fill your muffin tin with any kind of fruit, from blueberries to cranberries to cherries. Or, if you don't want your drink getting watery when the ice melts, try making giant cubes with the beverage they're going in. And for a fun color contrast, play with mixing and matching drink and ice cube flavors. For example, using giant orange juice cubes in a Hawaiian punch bowl or cherry juice cubes in a pitcher of limeade. Now you're ready to make fancy cubes and drinks that will be the showstopping centerpiece at your next party.