A Clever Ice Cube Trick For The Juiciest Mimosas

Sweet, fruity mimosas are the cherry on top of a delicious Sunday brunch. The cocktail is a morning classic for a reason — not only is it easy to make, but it's also the perfect mix of fruit juice and booze while still passing as a breakfast drink.

The standard mimosa contains two ingredients, Champagne and orange juice. However, there are myriad ways you can switch it up: In place of Champagne, you can use another sparkling wine variety like prosecco or cava. To amp up the booze factor, you can throw in a little orange or raspberry liqueur. And while orange is by far the most common juice option, you can use basically any you like; cranberry, grapefruit, cherry, peach (aka a bellini), and pineapple are all fun juice alternatives. 

But no matter how you amp up your mimosa, the most important thing to do is keep it cold. No one wants to sip on a warm, flat drink while celebrating or nursing a slight hangover. Of course, the absolute best way to keep your drink cold is with an ice cube — and for tastier, more aesthetically pleasing results, you should make them with juice.

Use fruit juice ice cubes to make vibrant, flavorful mimosas

Whether you're making mimosas for a crowd or just for yourself, it's worth putting in a little prep time the night before and making fruit juice ice cubes. You can use orange for a classic mimosa or go with any fruit juice you like. Rosy-colored options like blood orange, cranberry, cherry, and strawberry will produce a beautiful beverage that transforms into a lovely shade of pink as the ice cube melts; though they won't impact the color, juices like pineapple and peach create a fantastic flavor combo. 

You may also want to use a fun ice cube tray since these cubes will be the star of the show. Your standard square or rectangular one will work fine, but you can also find everything from hexagons to spheres to rose-shaped molds – and how perfect would a frozen, strawberry-flavored rose be floating in your drink? Whichever shape you choose, just make sure your cubes fit in the glass you're planning to use.