Ree Drummond's Potato Salad Doubles As A Tasty Croquette Base

Ree Drummond's potato salad is a recipe worth mastering. The Pioneer Woman's version of this classic dish is anything but traditional, which is why it is so tasty. Instead of leaving the quartered potatoes whole, Drummond's instructions, via Food Network, call for mashing or ricing them. Add in some mayo, pickle juice, some seasoning, spices, and chopped-up, hard-boiled eggs, and you have created a creamy riff of this backyard barbecue favorite.

But what makes this potato salad different from others is that if you can't eat it up in one meal and don't want it to go to waste –and trust us, you don't — you can repurpose it to make potato croquettes. In fact, Drummond's mashed potato salad is the perfect base for this fried classic. 

Croquettes are of French origin, but many countries have some version of finger food. Croquettes can be made with anything from chopped-up meats to veggies to fish to mashed potatoes. They are delicious to eat as a snack or as a meal. They are similar to every kid's favorite chicken nuggets because all that fried goodness tastes amazing when served with some dipping sauce. But what makes Drummond's potato salad such a good foundation for croquettes? 

Perfect way make two meals out of one

Ree Drummond's potato salad makes for the ultimate leftover because you can turn it into a whole new meal. Potato croquettes start with mashed potatoes that are seasoned to taste. Those mashed potatoes are then fashioned into logs or balls, breaded, and fried until golden and crispy on the outside and warm, soft, and creamy on the inside. Using Ree Drummond's potato salad as a base not only eliminates food waste, it is going to be a time and effort saver. 

Because this salad already has the right consistency and has been seasoned to mouthwatering perfection, it is ready to be transformed into croquettes. Not to mention, when you make croquettes you need to start with cold mashed potatoes so they are easier to form into your desired shape. The pre-made potato salad that's been in the fridge for a day or two puts you ahead of the game. 

With the extra time you have on your hands, you can fry up and chop some bacon, onions, or garlic to add to the mixture, stir in something spicy for a little kick, or choose whatever additions you want to customize your croquette concoction.