The Organization Hack That Makes Finding Freezer Staples Easier

Do you open your freezer door only to be overwhelmed by the chaos it contains? Perhaps it's gotten so out of hand that although you went to the freezer for some frozen fruit for your smoothie, you give up after searching for it after a few minutes. Thankfully, there is an easy and cheap trick to keeping items better organized in the freezer. A fantastic way to keep the little items organized in your freezer, which are also the most likely to get lost in the seemingly vast expanse, is to invest in a few plastic file holders that measure about 3.7 inches by 11.8 inches or 10 inches. 

These L-shaped storage containers also go by the name of magazine holders and desk organizers and can be purchased from office supply stores and Amazon for about $6 to $8 each. Consider purchasing in a few different colors for more organizational options and see how your impossibly messy freezer can become impressively organized.

How to use the organizers

For the best results, the plastic file holders should be set up on the bottom shelf of the freezer and pushed up against the back to provide stability and to not waste space. Each holder can be used for a different food category. Even consider purchasing file holders of different colors, such as green for vegetables, red for fruit, and black for meat. With the minimal amount of space each file holder takes up, there is plenty of space for frozen foods in the rest of the freezer. In addition, having the frozen items lined up vertically, versus being stacked on each other, will make it easier to see the labels or packaging on individual items. Another great bonus is with one look you can know if you are getting low on items, such as frozen vegetables.

If you should find yourself hauling everything out of the freezer and stacking it on the floor until you find the lost fruit, you may want to hurry out and get some file holders. After all, it will be a lot easier to organize all of those frozen foods now that they are spread out on the kitchen floor.