Why You Shouldn't Use Frozen Fruit In Parfaits

Eating fruit is part of a healthy diet, and frozen fruit is a convenient way to get those four to five daily recommended servings. Frozen fruit is generally picked when at its peak in flavor and nutrients, and flash-frozen quickly thereafter. If you are worried about frozen fruit being less nutritious than fresh, don't, as the differences are negligible.

Using frozen fruit is also a wonderful way to control waste, because you only use what you need and don't have to worry about it becoming overripe and rotting on your countertop. Frozen fruit is perfect when making those breakfast smoothies, fruit-filled ice creams, baked goods, morning muffins, blueberry pancakes, and so much more. This economical produce option definitely has its place in your kitchen and your daily diet; however, if you are making a delicious Greek yogurt parfait, you may want to forgo the frozen fruit and opt for its fresh counterpart.

Frozen fruits can get saucy

Yogurt parfaits start with creamy yogurt that is layered with sweet fruit and topped off with delicious granola. But when choosing between fresh and frozen fruit to add to a parfait, your choice may depend on whether you are more concerned about presentation or taste. Frozen fruits are going to add some moisture to your parfait as they melt. Generally, this liquid becomes like a sweet fruit sauce that you can mix into your yogurt, but it doesn't necessarily look pretty.

If you want your parfaits to be Instagram-perfect, and ready for their close-up, you want to use fresh fruit. Fresh fruit's structure is still going to be sturdy and rigid, and it won't become a mushy mess like frozen fruit. Unfortunately, fresh fruit's taste can be hit or miss if it isn't in season. However, one of the benefits of using fresh fruit is you can prep and make your parfaits in advance of when you plan to serve them. But if you do make them ahead of time, make certain you don't add granola until you are ready to serve or it might wind up soggy. Of course, if you don't like granola crisp and crunchy, pile it on ahead of time and it will soften up.